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NEW! Become a Class Coordinator; Keep Classmates Informed
We've added a new "reporter" feature to the Member system. We are seeking a class coordinator for every class. The class coordinator can post articles directly into the Alumni Newsletter.

For example, see my profile and its My News Reports feature. Recent articles will be automatically linked in the same part of your profile once published.

Adding an article is really quite easy. Using a simple, self-instructional form you will type or paste a title and a body of text. You can also include a link to additional information elsewhere on the Web, plus a photo. Of course, you can simply use the basic tools, but with a little more training you can also embed videos, more photos and other information, and you can use most of the HTML/CSS tools of ordinary web page layout to have fun with the contents of your article if you like.

Interested? Contact me via the "Write to..." link on my profile for more information.

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