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Rees Clark (1960)
Class 1960
Registered Apr 2002
Interests, personal statement...
I created this site in 2002 as a service to the alumni community and to serve as a test of a system my firm provides to small business and non-profits.
New version coming soon. Link your membership to other social and professional networks.

Recent Updates

The Ramble is back for a new year with a new cast and new adventures. Remember, seniors are eligible to join TCHS Alumni News Assn.
7414 26 Sep 2017 LINK
News has reached us of the passing of Linda Skelley Kerkow '61. No further information is available here at this time.
7401 10 Aug 2017
Congratulations to Richard Veit '66 on publication of his second novel.
7400 8 Aug 2017 LINK
Note the reunion info for Class of '67's Sept 30 event.
7397 20 Jul 2017
After two weeks of silence I conclude The Ramble has ceased production for the year. I look forward to new episodes of this fun feature in the fall.
7388 17 May 2017
TCHS me hizo bilingüe. Y un poco mas. リーズ・クラーク
7375 19 Feb 2017
Our page view count is now at just over 2,230,000. Thank you! Please encourage your classmates to register. Are you from 1995? Did you play TCHS sports? This winter we'll be adding "sub-sites" (groups for individual classes or interests).
7359 9 Dec 2016
On your profile, the New Messages count has moved to the profile menu below your name.
7356 23 Nov 2016
Someone one day told the graduation committee he/she had proofread the diploma cover for 1985. Perhaps a bit of shaming is in order.
7355 16 Nov 2016

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