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Baby it's ??? outside!
We've added a weather widget for Temple City. Scroll to find the prettified view on the home page, or while this item is active, click the TEMPLE CITY link below.


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Alumni offspring needs a hand
Wendy Ashton McKenna '73 writes in Facebook: "I wanted to share this GoFundMe post from our dear classmate and friend Jenny Lawrence. (Jennifer Joanis) Jenny's son Brian was burned terribly from a propane fire recently and is in need of help. He lost everything he had so if you can please donate to the fund to help him get back on his feet plus help with the medical bills to come that would be greatly appreciated! If you're unable to donate at this time please just keep Jenny and her family in your thoughts and prayers."

She added the following from Jenny (Joanis) Lawrence, in turn from a GoFundMe appeal from Brian's sister. "Hello, I am Brian's sister Ashley. On Saturday Nov. 18, 2023, we received a call that Brian was in a trailer fire and had to be transferred to a burn unit in Las Vegas NV due to his severe burns that consumed over 30% of his body. He will be in the burn unit for 3-5weeks... [He had been struggling, and...] with this sudden accident, he is left without anything again. All of his clothes, personal belongings and trailer he lived in are gone. Now having to start all over again. Brian has received skin grafting to his whole face and back so far, now waiting for arms chest and hands. He is in good spirts for the most part but is worried about the medical bills that will be coming. We are asking for any donations to help with the medical bills and clothes he will need in the next 3-5weeks."

GoFundMe page

TCHS Girls CIF Volleyball Champs
Temple City defeated Rancho Christian to become 2023 CIF Division 5 volleyball champions on 3 November, according to the Pasadena Star-News.


Class Reunion Cruise // Canceled - No Group Reservation
UPDATE from Hector via Farcebook: I wanted to let you know that we did not meet the required number of commitments of classmates to confirm a group reservation. As a result I will cancel our reservation. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING A CRUISE CLASS REUNION.
Martha and I will continue to plan our annual seven day Mexican Riviera Cruise for travel mid-October to mid-November. We will schedule our cruise by February 15,2024. This will not be a group reservation. It will not be a reunion cruise. Just to give you an idea of cost for this trip we paid $1,500. For both of us plus taxes. I don’t yet know the 2024 prices. If you are possibly interested Message me and I will give you our travel dates and who our agent is.
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Thanks to Hector Hernandez, plans are in the works for a fun 4-day Temple City High School Reunion Cruise next year! The 4-day cruise would leave from Long Beach with stops at Catalina and Ensenada.

Hector needs a tentative head count in order to move forward with plans and to get a group discount and on-board perks. Through Facebook we have about 25 people so far interested in going. A “yes” doesn’t obligate you to go, but let’s him know that you really hope to go.

A date hasn’t been set yet, but we’re shooting for sometime in July-October 2024. The cost is approximately $350 per person, which includes your stateroom, all on-board food and entertainment. Secure parking is about $20 per day.

Other friends and family members are welcome and ALL CLASSES are welcome as well. The more people who go the more perks we get!! Send an email to Martha Hernandez at with your name, your email address and number of people in your party so we can keep you updated with the details.

“Be There or Be Square!”
Class of '74 Photo
Class of '74 Photo
Susan (Sasse) Peer '74 has submitted the adjacent photo of the class. Click the photo for a larger view, click again to maximize (depending on your browser), or open it in the Gallery.

Are you a class member? You can submit a C/74 story for inclusion in TCHS Alumni News. Of course, we're always seeking class coordinators to maintain contact data and announce class events.
Torosian's Broomball reaches bookstore shelves
Writer and friend of TC Joe Torosian's newest effort is Broomball, a look into church athletics. Torosian's feel-of-the-50s (and the years after) style has captured much that is good and bad about youth sports. Here's the Amazon teaser (Kindle version). —RC

“Broomball, man. It’s not cheating. It’s trying.”--Ryan Merlo

The weekend before the events of The Pastor Who Couldn’t Wait For Christmas…To Be Over, two church youth groups got together to play Broomball. What starts as a pleasant inter-denominational fellowship quickly turns into a desperate competition. The truth learned is that Broomball can never be organized, reformed, or sanitized because embedded into its DNA are anarchy and outlaw.

"Glorious! Torosian captures all the beauty and drama of church athletics."

Review & purchase @ Amazon

TC to Celebrate 100th Year
Come see the TCUSD students perform. Band, Auxiliary/Guard, Choreo, cheer, combined choirs, and Brighter Side Singers will provide entertainment throughout the day.
US News: TCHS in top 6 percent of nation's high schools
Temple City High School earned high National and metro-area rankings in 2023-2024 Best High Schools, which U.S. News released this morning. TC High School ranked in the top 6% in the nation.

The district comments "We take immense pride in the ongoing accomplishments of our high school students. We extend our thanks to the dedicated staff, teachers, and administration who work behind the scenes to foster high-achieving learning environments and cultivate an active and inviting campus atmosphere!"

US News article

Less Than 30 Days Until the Class of 1978's - 45th/All Class Reunion
Hi TC Alumni! The Class of 1978 is in full tiki mode as we gear up for our 45th class reunion! Of course, we always say "The more the merrier" - so all TC alumni are invited!

Date: Saturday, September 16, 2023

Location: Clearman's Galley - AKA "The Boat" 7215 Rosemead Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91775

Time: 4:00 PM -Closing

Details: Tiki Bar! Apps at the start (When they're gone, they're gone!), tiki/70's tunes, wine tasting, fun times!

Attire: Tiki/70's Aloha

Facebook page

Class of '78 Strikes Again after Previous Home Run
Kathy Keithley '78 writes: "All TCHS Alumni are invited to join the Class of 1978 for our 45th year reunion at the Galley on 9/16 at 4:00PM. Brad Fagan & I are hosting!"

This same class put on a very nice event five years ago, including numerous former faculty and alumni from other eras. —RC

(Info available on Facebook, or sign in and see Kathy K's profile for a link to reservations info.
SSA: Be Aware This Holiday Season
The US Social Security Administration has published the following warnings regarding scams that citizens may encounter during the holidays. We encourage you to share this information with friends and relatives.

Many of us spend the holidays relaxing and sharing in goodwill with friends and family. But some bad actors use the holidays to take advantage of people’s generous spirits. Scammers frequently target the older and other more vulnerable members of our communities. They pretend they are from Social Security or another government agency to steal your money or personal information.

Caller ID, texts, or documents sent by email may look official, but they are not. Fraudsters are calling to verify information about the 2023 cost-of-living adjustment for people who get benefits. Remember, this adjustment is automatic and a beneficiary does not need to verify anything. Social Security won’t ask you to provide information or money to get your benefit increase. Know that how we do business with you doesn’t change because it’s the holidays. We may email or text you about programs and services, but we will never ask for personal information via email or text.

Recognizing the signs of a scam can help you avoid falling victim to one.
  • Scammers primarily use the telephone to contact you but may also use email, text messages, social media, or U.S. mail.
  • Scammers pretend to be from an agency or organization you know to gain your trust.
  • Scammers say there is a problem with your Social Security number or account.
  • Scammers pressure you to act immediately.
  • Scammers tell you to pay in a specific way.

Know what to look for and be alert.
  • Scammers don’t take days off and neither should you… when it comes to making sure you identify suspicious communications and report it. If you receive a questionable call, text, or email, hang up or don’t respond and report it at
  • Scammers frequently change their methods with new tactics and messages to trick people. We encourage you to stay up to date on the latest news and advisories by following SSA’s Office of the Inspector General on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook or subscribing to receive email alerts.

Note that several links with very long URLs intended to let SSA measure or track linkage to their systems and others have been altered or suppressed herein to preserve readers' privacy. —Ed.

Learn More

1960 Football Art

Some time back, a friend of TCHS, Lisa Moore, wrote

"In going through my mother’s (Pat McGinnis’ ) box of treasures, I came across an original pencil drawing of the football “B” team. I thought someone might like it. Drawn by Art Dauer, better known as Doc Dauer, after the dwarf.

We've leapt to the conclusion that Pat was in the class of 1951 and that this drawing honors the TC Jr. High team of 1950-51, before the creation of TCHS. These players might have been a mixture of PHS and TCHS graduates a few years later. Dauer's drawing adopts the Disney-style seven dwarfs of Snow White as the linemen and adds additional players of the time.

The file we received is a single 8.5 X 11 inch PDF at web resolution, which we have reproduced as a JPEG at 300 dip resolution for printing. The version in this article is of lower resolution for web transmission. With what we take to be Lisa's permission we will make both the larger files available on request as a Zip file approximately 12Mbytes in size, delivered by email. No assertiion of copyright is included on the drawing or stated by Ms. Moore; we are unable to contact Mr. Dauer.

If you are interested in Lisa's offer, please use our Contact form at the bottom of any page, and we will notify her.

PS: The editors regret the delay in this notice, which was lost in a disk crash at the time.

PPS: The editors note that this is the type of service we'd like to make available to all alumni. That takes money; not a lot, but not zero either. We have expenses for computers, internet storage and transmission and technical assistance. If you can spare a dollar a month, please become a subscriber.

50th Reunion - Class of 1973
Very excited for the 50th reunion for the class of 73! The date is 10/7/23 at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Monrovia.

Festivities begin at 5:00 pm by the pool. We have rooms available with a block rate and plans for other events for the weekend are in the works. Tickets will go on sale soon. Please check out all the details on and sign up.

All classes are welcome! Any questions, please reach out to Please help spread the news and can't wait to see you there!!!

PS: The editors regret the delay in posting this notice.

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