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The Alumni Roster is the heart of this site. It is intended to contain the names and data of all former TChS students without regard to graduation (people are more important than paper). You can help us complete the roster by submitting a list of your classmates; the easiest way is to type the names into a spreadsheet, for which you may request a model from the editors.

The Member List contains ony self-registered users of this website and is viewable only by members. If you attended TCHS and have not registered, please do so now; just look for the Join Us! links around the site.

For enrolled members the two lists are linked. Sign in each time you visit the site. Members can use the roster and associated features easily to maintain their own data and to communicate with friends and classmates.

Reunion Support

We can provide communication tools to help you organize your reunion. We can help you avoid pitfalls.

Group Mailing

We will do mailings to alumni on behalf of classes to announce reunions and other special events. We can send both electronic and postal mail to persons in the alumni roster or the business and sponsor directory.

We will NOT engage in bulk commercial email or other junk mail. Do not even ask!

We will NOT distribute the alumni list to other entities, in keeping with the statements elsewhere on our sites.


ELECTRONIC. We can send your message to all or a subset of our alumni list. You must provide your message in an approved format (normally plain text). Email returns will come to you, and you will be solely responsible for list for list maintenance and accuracy. Our fee per mailing is three cents per recipient or $85, whichever is greater. Lead time is ten business days.

POSTAL. Event organizers may send mail in bulk to the whole list or a selected subset; we will affix postage and send the packages. We can arrange for delivery confirmation, etc. We use a local third-party mail handler who does not record the addresses (except that confirmation addresses and registered mail are by their nature recorded). Postal returns will come to you, and you will be solely responsible for list maintenance and accuracy. Our fee per mailing is eight cents per recipient or $125, whichever is greater, plus postage. Lead time is fifteen business days.

Individual projects vary in volume and complexity. Adequate planning and reasonable lead times are required, usually at least three weeks. For details contact the editors.


Advertisers: You can place notices in TCHS Alumni News. Our 20,000+ alumni are scattered around the world. (The number of currently registered alumni and page views are available on request to qualified advertisers.)

  • Directory Listings
  • Banner Ads
  • Display Pages ("online brochures")
  • Websites
  • INFO
  • SPECIFICATIONS: All advertising must be family-friendly in the opinion of the editors. Various formats (size, shape) are available for banners. Directory listings are similar in content to yellow page directories. Display pages and brochures are similar to the pages of this or other sites.


The Business and Sponsor Directory provides links to businesses (alumni related and others) sponsoring this website. Each member may have one free listing in the Directory. Other alumni-related and TC firms receive special discount pricing on directory listings and ads in TCHS Alumni News.


Membership is FREE and open to all former students and friends of Temple City High School. There are two types of membership: Registrant and Subscriber. Our goal is to register all living alumni. Are you one of us? Please join today! [Register Now]

If you have an idea about how to improve the site or association services, write To The Editor.


We have a Facebook page, on which you can submit your personal information for global tracking by advertisers, NSA, CIA, FBI, FSB, PLA... and thousands of spammers around the world. OR you could just participate in our own alumni website privately and confidentially and do pretty much what you could do elsewhere. We welcome suggestions for improvement.