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About TCHS Alumni Association

TCHS Alumni News is an unofficial publication by and for alumni of Temple City High School in California, operated by TCHS Alumni Association. The site is not owned, operated or provided by Temple City Unified School District or any division thereof, nor does it receive any funds therefrom. And if you were looking for a commercial "alumni" site with ads for unrelated stuff looking to score and sell your personal information, you've come to the wrong place.


TCHS Alumni News
914 164th St SE
#361 c/o Clark Internet
Mill Creek, WA 98012

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The Alumni Association is managed by a board of directors and appointed editors. If you would like to serve as an editor or a board member or contribute meaningfully in other ways please contact the editors.

Board of Directors

Rees Clark '60
Founder, president, managing editor
Dr. Clark (1960) is a senior consultant at Clark Internet, a web design and content management firm in Washington State. He previously worked as a city planner, college professor, computer systems manager and independent business operator during a 50+ year career. He resides in Mill Creek, WA.


George Domogalla '61
Board Member
George Domogalla '61 is a retired teacher and landscaper whose career embraced working with incarcerated youth through gardening and exposure to productive work. As I've known him since 1947 I hope he'll indulge me for using the adjacent "recent" photo. —RC


Janet Peckham Pearson '60
Board Member
Janet Peckham Pearson '60 is a retired teacher in the San Marino district, which transgression has long since been forgiven. She divides her time between California and New England.


Jane McNeil Wimmer '60
Board Member

To be considered as a writer, editor or board member, please contact us. We hope to expand to about seven members with all ages represented.

Activities and Services

Alumni Magazine
The alumni magazine (this website) is your complete source for activities and events sponsored by and for TCHS alumni. Unlike commercial "alumni" sites having no relationship with your former school, it is a non-profit organization whose sole intent is to bring you news of your friends and classmates without constant advertising or sale of your personal data.
Member Roster
Registered members may display the association's member list and communicate privately with others.
Sponsor Directory
Alumni businesses and other sponsors in TC and around the world are listed in our community directory.
Alumni Web Sites
Alumni and advertisers can build their own sites under the association umbrella. Participating sites can also operate under their own domains.
Any class with at least 20 subscribed (paid) members is eligible to have a comprehensive class web site with its own newsletter, calendar and photo gallery. For details use the Inquiries form.


Membership is FREE and open to all former students of Temple City High School. There are two types of membership: Registrant and Subscriber. Registrants may read news, communicate with other members, post updates and keep a personal journal to share experiences with others.

If you have registered in the past please check the member list and avoid duplicate registration; that will save us a lot of time. Thanks!

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FREE registration does not help us pay the costs of the site. Subscription to TCHS Alumni News is easy, and at $12 per year it's a bargain. You get expanded personal web space and a members-only mailbox at plus early heads-up on more goodies as the site grows, and you may participate in more features of the site. We use revenue to pay the expenses of the web site and incidental costs. Classes with at least 20 subscribed member receive certain additional services. [More Information]

Website Development

If you have a list of your classmates, you can contribute it, and we will merge it into our system. (No spam will result, nor will we share the information with third parties.)

If you have news about your fellow alumni, their/your families, their/your businesses, or about TC or TCHS itself (academics, activities...), you can use our News Tips feature in the To The Editor form. If you're really into journalism, we can make you a "reporter" and give you direct access to our publishing tools (subject to OK by the editors, of course).

If you want to comment on what you find here, you can append comments to many elements of the site: the news, the forums and more. To date, our activities have included:

  • our newsletter, updated as members send news (you can become a contributor!)
  • member to member messaging; visit someone else's profile and use the Write-to... form.
  • support for the TC School District 50th Year Celebration.
  • member profiles with personal journals
  • discussion forums; add your own topic.
  • as of January 2020, we've served almost 6.5 milion pages to interested readers.
The page you are viewing now is being used for testing new concepts and layouts, so while this paragraph appears, you may see some fairly strange things. Just have a laugh at our expense, and be assured we're working on it. We welcome your suggestions. Much of what you find here has resulted from ideas submitted by participants. Of course, if this site is broken the buck stops here; please contact us!

Technical Support

Web services and content database management for TCHS Alumni News are managed by Alumni Management Services under a multi-year agreement. These activities are overseen by the Publications Committee.

How You Can Help

You can help develop this site!
  1. Send us your class list. We will add it to our collection (right). Many of you have fingers, which interestingly can be used in combination with a keyboard and an email program to send us a list, e.g., the one in your yearbook. You can help even more by updating with married names and/or other name changes. We do not add people to the alumni association based on these lists; we wait for them to register themselves, and whenever possible we match them to the class list. Our goal is to find every alumnus.
  2. Become a class coordinator. We can set up a Group for your class, and each enrolled member can be added automatically in the group. It's almost like having your own site; in some ways it's better, as it complements class information with information about other alumni.

Policies and Procedures


Here's how we'll use your information: Only your name and class year will appear in the Directory listing. (Your real name is required; after all, no one will recognize you as CoolCat57—sorry, Cat, but you weren't actually that cool). Your contact data will be confidential; we may use it to contact you about reunions and other alumni association business. It will NOT be distributed to third parties, nor will you receive "spam" from our advertisers.

Spam and our Brothers and Sisters Around the World

We do not send spam, and we wish others would follow the same policy. Unfortunately that is not the case.

We've been bothered since 2010 by a person or persons who submit bogus inquiries and send spurious member registrations to our server, apparently in an attempt to gain some sort of benefit we cannot fathom. No harm is done, and they do not get any benefit, but they keep doing it. Sometimes you'll see their phony names in the New Member list. We delete them as we spot them, but we cannot watch the site 24/7. Based on the spelling of the phony names and certain other criteria, we infer the incursions are coming from Russia. The poor scoundrels are more to be pitied than scorned, as that is apparently their best shot at earning a living. (Russia is, of course, famous for inventing what others have already invented. A 1950s joke said that the most successful Russian inventor was Comrade Reguspatoff. Think about it.) So, Pоссийский Γовноед, иди в жопу! (If you understand Russian and are not among the culprits, our apologies. Superior culturally aware insults are invited.) —RC

Notes on Names

Maiden names and former surnames. Before you children of the '70s pick up your pens to denounce our backward ways, please note: Our naming convention follows standard newspaper formats. It is not about political correctness, the battle of the sexes, income inequalities, gender bias, etc., etc. It is about making sure we correctly identify people and help them to communicate. In the forms, "former surname - maiden name" is optional and should not be included if it is the same as your current surname. It most often is the former surname of a married woman but occasionally reflects a change of surname. In general you should fill out the forms in such a way that your former classmates will easily recognize it. 'Nuf said.


TCHS Alumni News displays advertisements placed by members, non-profit organizations, and local or alumni-related businesses. The Alumni Association may receive revenue from such ads. Revenue is used to offset cost of publication and other purposes allowed by the Assn.'s by-laws. We do not participate knowingly in any reader-tracking by third-party websites or share member information with advertisers, except as may be provided directly by members to vendors using linked online forms. We do not participate in any purchase procedures of third-parties, and we do not store members' or readers' financial information in any way.

Business Plan Summary

This is a summary statement of your association's business plan. A fuller exposition of our hopes will be forthcoming if and when we develop funding to achieve its objectives.


Member Communication: It is our hope to improve continuously those features of the site that help members and classmates communicate both individually and as groups. Our immediate objective is to put in place a permanent organization to maintain the member database, the website, and associated services.

Scholarship Support: It is our hope that we might be able to build an endowment that would support scholarships for post-secondary education for both recent graduates, lifetime learners, and eventually the descendants of former alumni. Ideas for creating and funding such opportunities are earnestly sought and welcomed.


Revenue will come from Subscriptions, Fees and Advertising. Both annual and lifetime subscriptions will be offered, starting at a token $1 per month. Fees will be charged for reunion support and other labor intensive activities of the staff including development of group emails and other management services for special events. Advertising may be offered to businesses (a) in Temple City and adjacent communities; (b) belonging to or employing enrolled alumni; (c) otherwise supporting the objectives of the association.

The association receives no support from any institution, including Temple City High School and the Temple City Unified School District.


Current expenses include website registration and technical support; collection and editing of news and images; support of affinity groups (e.g., classes, clubs...) within the association; and other activities; Internet access and other telecommunications; taxes, licenses, legal and accounting fees. At some point it will become necessary to employ paid editorial staff to serve the estimated 25,000 to 30,000 alumni who might register.