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Commercial alumni sites often scams or click bait
Since the 1990s various providers have created so-called "alumni" websites as a way of collecting email addresses and other personal data that are not used in furtherance of actual development of communities of former students. Instead they are part of the Worldwide Wile, whose purpose is to sell your personal information to advertisers and worse. Most also ask you to pay for the privilege of being hustled.

In contrast, TCHS Alumni News was founded and is operated by actual alumni of the school, some of whom were "present at the creation." We do not sell or share your personal data, though we can assist with maintenance of class lists that can be shared with event planners. Advertisements on the site are connected in various ways to members, the TC community-diaspora and events of local interest.

All that said, it would be kind of you to provide a little sustenance, as the cost of operation is not zero.

BTW, some of the staff members are reputedly not getting any younger, so if your ambitions are journalistic and you have a couple of hours each week, we'd be happy to hear from you.

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