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Alumni offspring needs a hand
Wendy Ashton McKenna '73 writes in Facebook: "I wanted to share this GoFundMe post from our dear classmate and friend Jenny Lawrence. (Jennifer Joanis) Jenny's son Brian was burned terribly from a propane fire recently and is in need of help. He lost everything he had so if you can please donate to the fund to help him get back on his feet plus help with the medical bills to come that would be greatly appreciated! If you're unable to donate at this time please just keep Jenny and her family in your thoughts and prayers."

She added the following from Jenny (Joanis) Lawrence, in turn from a GoFundMe appeal from Brian's sister. "Hello, I am Brian's sister Ashley. On Saturday Nov. 18, 2023, we received a call that Brian was in a trailer fire and had to be transferred to a burn unit in Las Vegas NV due to his severe burns that consumed over 30% of his body. He will be in the burn unit for 3-5weeks... [He had been struggling, and...] with this sudden accident, he is left without anything again. All of his clothes, personal belongings and trailer he lived in are gone. Now having to start all over again. Brian has received skin grafting to his whole face and back so far, now waiting for arms chest and hands. He is in good spirts for the most part but is worried about the medical bills that will be coming. We are asking for any donations to help with the medical bills and clothes he will need in the next 3-5weeks."

GoFundMe page

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