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Class Reunion Cruise // Canceled - No Group Reservation
UPDATE from Hector via Farcebook: I wanted to let you know that we did not meet the required number of commitments of classmates to confirm a group reservation. As a result I will cancel our reservation. WE WILL NOT BE HAVING A CRUISE CLASS REUNION.
Martha and I will continue to plan our annual seven day Mexican Riviera Cruise for travel mid-October to mid-November. We will schedule our cruise by February 15,2024. This will not be a group reservation. It will not be a reunion cruise. Just to give you an idea of cost for this trip we paid $1,500. For both of us plus taxes. I don’t yet know the 2024 prices. If you are possibly interested Message me and I will give you our travel dates and who our agent is.
Happy Thanksgiving to all

Thanks to Hector Hernandez, plans are in the works for a fun 4-day Temple City High School Reunion Cruise next year! The 4-day cruise would leave from Long Beach with stops at Catalina and Ensenada.

Hector needs a tentative head count in order to move forward with plans and to get a group discount and on-board perks. Through Facebook we have about 25 people so far interested in going. A “yes” doesn’t obligate you to go, but let’s him know that you really hope to go.

A date hasn’t been set yet, but we’re shooting for sometime in July-October 2024. The cost is approximately $350 per person, which includes your stateroom, all on-board food and entertainment. Secure parking is about $20 per day.

Other friends and family members are welcome and ALL CLASSES are welcome as well. The more people who go the more perks we get!! Send an email to Martha Hernandez at with your name, your email address and number of people in your party so we can keep you updated with the details.

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