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1960 Football Art

Some time back, a friend of TCHS, Lisa Moore, wrote

"In going through my mother’s (Pat McGinnis’ ) box of treasures, I came across an original pencil drawing of the football “B” team. I thought someone might like it. Drawn by Art Dauer, better known as Doc Dauer, after the dwarf.

We've leapt to the conclusion that Pat was in the class of 1951 and that this drawing honors the TC Jr. High team of 1950-51, before the creation of TCHS. These players might have been a mixture of PHS and TCHS graduates a few years later. Dauer's drawing adopts the Disney-style seven dwarfs of Snow White as the linemen and adds additional players of the time.

The file we received is a single 8.5 X 11 inch PDF at web resolution, which we have reproduced as a JPEG at 300 dip resolution for printing. The version in this article is of lower resolution for web transmission. With what we take to be Lisa's permission we will make both the larger files available on request as a Zip file approximately 12Mbytes in size, delivered by email. No assertiion of copyright is included on the drawing or stated by Ms. Moore; we are unable to contact Mr. Dauer.

If you are interested in Lisa's offer, please use our Contact form at the bottom of any page, and we will notify her.

PS: The editors regret the delay in this notice, which was lost in a disk crash at the time.

PPS: The editors note that this is the type of service we'd like to make available to all alumni. That takes money; not a lot, but not zero either. We have expenses for computers, internet storage and transmission and technical assistance. If you can spare a dollar a month, please become a subscriber.

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