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New (Experimental) Features
If you have not visited this site for a while, you might like to test a couple of new features. We've brought back private member-to-member messaging and upgraded the way small photo icons expand to full size and respond to changing window sizes.

While signed in, use the member list to find a friend. To the right of the person's name you'll see a link (Contact this Member). Click it to send a message. Your message will be stored in the system, and we will notify your friend by email; your friend can then sign in to see your private message. Messages will be purged 90 days after both parties have marked them for deletion. They will not be shared (by the site) with other members. Note that the notifications may be mistaken for junk mail at first by your email program, so if you don't get a reply you may want to ask your friend to check his/her mail.

Where small icons appear in place of larger images, clicking the icon now enlarges the image to fit the available space in your window. Click it again to see it full size. Resize the wiindow and it will grow or shrink accordingly. Images that are smaller than the viewable space will simply expand to their actual size. We are extending this method to most photographs and other images in the system.

We will appreciate your feedback and suggestions. RC

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