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Temple City (California) High School
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We’ve had a complaint that the recent Class of ’77 reunion was not sufficiently reported on this site. We posted news of the reunion in our calendar in August. We’re sensitive to such comments, so we did a little homework.

We did a Google search for tchs high school reunion 1977 with time set to past year. Temple City ’77 appears second in the list of results (as of this morning 9/24/17). There are also numerous other mentions in search results. (Note that “TCHS” is not a unique acronym. E.g., Tates Creek HS, KY; Traverse City HS, MI; Trinity Catholic HS, CT; Todd County HS, KY; Tuba City HS, AZ; Tell City HS, IN; Tuscaloosa County HS, AL; Technical College HS, PA; and many more.)

The event is mentioned in at least two Facebook threads/pages.

We have no link to the school, nor do we have anyone on their staff sharing news. Reunions are independently organized, and if they don’t keep us apprised of plans we are unaware of events.

Finally, although we can send bulk mailings on behalf of event organizers, we do not publish our address lists in order to keep our promise of confidentiality to registrants. And unregistered users can see only the public sections of the site and do not receive group mailings.

We would be pleased to appoint class coordinators, as we have mentioned often in the past, but the silence of potential partners is deafening.

We can only do what we can do. Register, and we can do more together.
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