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TCHS Alumni News
Temple City (California) High School
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News Views: TCHS Alumni News Log
Recruiting at Camellia Festival
TCHS Alumni Assn. will be recruiting registrants during the open reunion Feb 21 at Temple City Park (Las Tunas at Kaufmann). We'll be hanging out near the libary entrance from 7 to 10 PM (Mom insists we be home early). If the reunion organizers have a welcome booth, we'll try to piggy-back there.

Our registration list now includes about ten percent of all former students (even the HS administration does not know how many students have actually enrolled). We hope to achieve a major increment during the festival. If you wish to share the experience (shades of 1969), we will allow second-party registrations just this once, so bring your contact list.

You can also enroll via the Join link at the top of any page.

While you're thinking about TCHS, this is also probably a good time for registered members to update their contact data.

See you soon!
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