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Temple City (California) High School
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Longden School Construction Order and Board Member Biography Rediscovered
Robins Nest Poultry was an early business in what became Temple City. Here is a summary biography of proprietor George Robins, who served on the South Santa Anita Schools board at the time the first South Santa Anita School (later Longden School) was built. Click the image to expand the biography, originally published in an LA County business history journal.

Appended is a copy of the original request for proposals for the construction of Longden. It calls for a smaller building than the one most readers of this site will recall. It is up to you, dear reader, to find out the ensuing sequence of construction and growth.

Notes: For those of tender years, "South Santa Anita" became Temple City in 1923, and "Sunset Boulevard" became Temple City Boulevard in the mid-1950s. (One might assume Gloria Swanson could not stand the competition, but in reality there was a countywide effort to eliminate duplicate street names.)
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