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Deja vu all over again for 60s folk
UPDATE: The 3rd 60s Party has been canceled, as no committee or chairperson stepped into the fray, according to Marianne Whyte. Now's your chance, fun fans, there might yet be hope if you're the one. RC

Earlier this month, Marianne Whyte '66 wrote,

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well—

The 1st Annual TCHS 60s PARTY aboard the Hornblower in Newport Beach, and last year's TCHS 60s Party at The Landing Restaurant were so much FUN!!! And, it has been so great to reconnect with everyone! Thank you to all who attended for helping make the events such a success!

Due to work commitments with my Real Estate business I will be unable to organize the TCHS 60’s Party this August. (Yes, I know, initially last year I said the same thing—but this year it’s really true!). If someone else wants to step up and Chair the event this year, please let me know. We already have three volunteers to be on the committee—Dick Curtis '62, Linda Whyte Tindell '63, and April Phillips Lancaster '66—but none of them has the time to Chair the event. There must be one talented person who would be an excellent Committee Chairperson—someone who is computer savvy, organized, detail-oriented, and has the time to devote to being in charge of organizing the event!!! So—is anyone out there willing to step up? Help is available from the committee and from the alumni association news pages.

Unfortunately we have lost several of our classmates and/or spouses since we began our get-togethers two years ago, and it would be sad to let time go by without seeing our friends again. If we cannot find a chairperson promptly, hopefully we can have another event soon.

Please remember to go on to Facebook and type in “TCHS 60s Party” at the top and “Like” the page if you have not already done so. Feel free to make comments and or upload photos, so that we can keep the page ACTIVE until the next event!

We currently have approximately 800 email addresses for the Classes of '60 to '69. We are missing ’68 altogether. Approximately 4,000 people graduated in those classes. If you know of someone who may not know about this effort, please pass the word or send me their contact information. Or, anyone with more complete class email lists who would be willing to share them with us… we would be extremely grateful!!! Information can be found in the news at TCHS Alumni News, too.

All the best to you—stay in touch—and let's see if we can find the perfect person to chair the TCHS 60's Party event this year!!!


(Marianne's monthly Real Estate eNewsletter, “The Whyte Report.” If you are not yet receiving the newsletter and would like to do so—please let her know. Contact Marianne through her alumni listing <a href="">here</a>

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