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Old scam rears its ugly Nigerian head
We have suddenly received a bunch of messages to members, ostensibly from other members, that contain the old "Nigerian scam" in which a foreign "representative" suggests depositing a large sum of money into a US account in exchange for temporary deposit access. The goal is access to the account, which can then be stripped of funds and potentially used as the basis for further identity theft. Beware!

UPDATE 3/15: We've traced the bogus messages to someone who actually took the trouble to register falsely as an alumnus. They're coming from an Internet cafe in Africa. That only works when other members don't call them on it. Please notify the editor of specific messages.

Of course, we're working on the security issue. We will update this article when we have more information.

Sorry for offense to the 100 million honest Nigerians, but the thieves among them who send this garbage deserve their ignominy, and their government does little or nothing to stop it.


To the editor...

reesclark60 - Mar 30, 2012, 11:10 AM
More on security. No problem, but a problem. The person who sent the messages falsely joined the assn. We've blocked the person's message sending ability and are reviewing the messaging process, perhaps to include a member-to-member blocking feature, which we had always hoped to avoid doing. RC

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