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Twister! (not the game, the storm)
We sent out a message earlier this week to alumni in MO, AR, and OK asking whether they were caught in the storm cycle that did so much damage in those states. I'm posting their replies. You can also comment below while signed in.

Judy Million Pirrie '60: "Hi! Boy last week was hard on the nerves,. Tues. we were told to sleep in the basement as twisters were expected during middle of night. Then Wed. in Independence we sat in the basement while the sirens went off. Weather dept. takes over TV and you watch the tornado travel and they tell you second by second where it is and where it will be unless it changes course. I'll take CA earthquakes before tornado, Hardly any one in Joplin had basements; dirt has lots of Ozark rock. But still those that did didn't all make it out alive."
fwilliams - May 31, 2011, 5:31 PM
We have spent time in the basement waiting out storms. Many trees came down in our neighborhood, but no other damage. I traveled to California right after the airport was hit on Good Friday. The damage to homes, businesses, and the airport was extensive. Many people are still reeling!

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