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Class/'62 Golf Tourney Renewed for '09
For the second year in a row The Boys of May met for fun and friendship @ The Ranch at Moreno Valley Golf Club. The competition remained as a battle of Elementary Schools with one slight adjustment. To break up the Longden Elementary juggernaut (they had won every previous tournament-one), the teams were juggled as such:

Longemperly-John Laur, Mark Pocino, Dick Swan, Rich Borger

Clovongderor-Bill Beveridge, Roger Gould, Randy Laur, Joe Terry

Emperden-Ron Fazzi, Corky Fontana, Gary Skelley, Bill Gorisek

Longemperly and Clovongderor tied at -5 so the championship was decided by a putt-off won by Rich Borger of Longemperly.

Official observers and hecklers were Chuck Howarth, Tom Adams, Dick Adams, and Rocky Curtiss

It was another successful weekend capped with a poker party Saturday night.

If any are interested in joining this group next year contact Rocky Curtiss (class of 1962) through this website. (Ed. Look Rocky up in the member list; you must be signed in to send a message. BTW, it's up to you to match the names with the faces.)

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