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New Feature: Change Font Size
Readers may enjoy a new feature that lets them change the size of fonts on the pages of TCHS Alumni News. At the bottom of the main Table of Contents at left find the Aa links of varying sizes. Clicking each will adjust the size of the font on the current page in many browsers. Optional sizes range from 90 to 150 percent of the default type size.

We chose our font and its size based on contemporary design standards. This does not always meet the needs of older or partially sighted users. So we have made this available to all. Some browsers allow you to override our settings and set your own standard typeface and font size. Please feel free to make such changes. We have tried to make the site sufficiently robust that imposing your own style sheet should not be a problem; if it is, let us know and we'll look at the problem.

(As always, if you're clinging desperately to your good old Netscape Navigator 4.7 or an old version of Internet Explorer or some ISP's proprietary browser, you may not experience the benefit. We currently test against Firefox 3, Safari 4 and MSIE 8.)
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