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Tweeting with Twitter
TCHS Alumni News is experimenting with Twitter, and an example follows. The plan is to integrate it into our own news system and also to integrate it into the forthcoming personal sites we'll be offering to users.

Twitter is a simple "news" system. Users merely type the answer to a single question: "What are you doing?" The answer is immediately available to readers, who may include "everyone" or be restricted to a membership.

For example, the following list of recent posts tracks your editor's recent experience with Twitter. (He has actually done some other things in the interim.)

Twitter Updates

    (If no tweets appear above, contact with Twitter could not be made at this time.)

    We've set the selection to show only the last five updates. If you return to this article in a few hours or days, you will see different updates. To see the whole history, just "follow" us at Twitter.

    The plan is that all members who are also Twitter users will have a Twitter option on their personal pages. Here's the editor's page: Rees. Twitter users who "follow" TCHS Alumni News (Twitter ID = 'tchsalumni') will also get heads-up notice of new information, as we will update Twitter when we update the News. You can even follow the site on your mobile phone.

    Watch the site for an announcement of availability. If you have a Twitter ID you will simply enter it on the member profile edit page (not yet available). Stay tuned!

    (If you have a Twitter ID, are registered in our system, and would like to help with testing, please send me your username, real name, class year and Twitter ID via the To The Editor form. Your information will help us build the interface.)

    UPDATE 3/25 - We're unimpressed with Twitter's ability to respond in timely fashion. We're mainly getting timeouts, and we cannot wait to display our pages if we're waiting for them. If you're a confirmed tweeter, perhaps you can help. If so, send a message to the editor.
    reesclark60 - Mar 4, 2009, 9:38 AM
    Hmmmm. It seems someone at Twitter made a change, and our timeline disappeared. Ah, the joy of mashups! Help, anyone?

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