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The Boys of May

Rocky Curtiss '62 reports: The class of '62 held its inaugural golf tournament on May 16, 2008, at The Ranch at Moreno Valley Golf Club. The "boys" divided into three teams representing Emperor, Cloverly, and Longden schools.

The Longden team of John and Randy Laur, Mark Pocino, and Bill Gorisek were the victors. Other participants were Rich Borger, Ron Fazzi, Joe Terry, Gary Langdale, Roger Gould, Gary Skelley, Corky Fontana, Dick Swan, and Rocky Curtiss. We hope more will join us next year. (Click the image for a larger version.)

We will leave it to your discerning eyes to match the names with the faces after 46 years. After we've had our way with you we hope to reveal the truth.

reesclark60 - Aug 1, 2019, 12:55 PM
The accompanying Forum topic has been closed. Here are the comments therefrom.

rcurtiss Jul 24, 2008: Some may wonder why La Rosa Elementary was not included in our golf competition. When La Rosa opened its door in 1955 every sixth grader (the class of 1962) in the district ws sent there while the district juggled us all around while the new high school was being built. We had eight classes adding to our bonding and making for one of the best years each of us can remember.

twykes Jul 29, 2008: I think, Bottom row 2nd from left- Rocky Curtiss Bottom row 3rd from left- Bill Gorisek Back row 4th from left- Gary Skelly

rcurtiss Aug 07, 2008: 3 out of 13 is not bad, tho I am wondering how you picked me out??? Aren't you going to try to pick the others?

twykes Aug 26, 2008: For the Boys of May picture I think Dick Swan is in the bottom row far right. Rocky, You and Bill Gorisek haven't changed a bit. Is Gary Langdale in the back row behind Rocky?

rwatters Oct 06, 2008: I do believe the old guy in the front row...second from a fellow who was in my 8th grade class. He's the one in the red shirt...Rich Borger? He looks just the same way he did in the 50's. But then again, he may have looked old then! LOL.

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