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Who Are We?

Camellia Parade Memory
If you were a Hopalong Cassidy fan you might have fought to be in "our" shoes. So, TC folk, what event? what year? and, of course, Who Are We?

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Always Baseball Season Somewhere
Rocky Curtiss '62 poses a challenge: "This picture includes some TCHS class of '61 and '62 plus some from other schools. How many can you identify?"

Who Are/Were We? - Handley
Jeff Handley '67 writes... "A group including Mike Hayes '66 and Tom Weibel '67 tried to ID the people in this photo, and couldn't agree on anything. Is this Cloverly? Who are these kids?"

What's your guess? Registered users must be signed in to comment. Click pic for larger view.

(We have moved the Who Are We feature from the gallery to the News Log to make it easier for registered users to submit "Who Are We" pix using the To The Editor form.)

ASSOC. EDITOR NEEDED. Prefer a TC or other local resident to keep us abreast of happenings there. Please write to the editor if you are interested.