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Alumni Update

Class of '67 50th Reunion Set for Sept. 30
Save the Date!

The Class of 1967’s 50th reunion will take place from 5:00pm to midnight, September 30, 2017 at the Costa Mesa Marriott Hotel. The order of events will be cocktails (no host), dinner, live band, dancing and reminiscing.

Cost is $100.00 per person. Dress is casual.

Email us here for ticket order information and form.

We will update this article with comments, and we welcome yours (registration required). See also our Facebook group: temple city high school class of 1967: The Beginning (you’ll need to be a Facebook user and join the group to see all information).

Can You ID This Place?

This building nearing completion in Temple City has drawn considerable attention on Facebook, etc. Few if any of the comments are complimentary. If you were at this corner, what would you be seeing? Suggestions have included a prison, an office building... Weeping is an acceptable response.

TCHS Senior Victoria Castellanos Crowned 2017 Tournament of Roses Queen
TV station KTLA reports "Victoria Cecilia Castellanos, a senior at Temple City High School, will reign over the 128th Rose Parade. Castellanos, 17, is involved in musical theater, volunteers with animal groups and the American Legion and enjoys creative endeavors like writing short stories, reading and painting.

"Other 'princess' finalists include Maya Kawaguchi Khan, of Arcadia High School; Natalie Rose Petrosian, of La Cañada High School; Audrey Mariam Cameron, of Blair High School; Autumn Marie Lundy, of Polytechnic School; Lauren Emiko Powers, of Arcadia High School; and Shannon Tracy Larsuel, of Mayfield Senior School.

"Castellanos will preside over this year's parade, themed 'Echoes of Success,' and will attend the 103rd Rose Bowl Game on Jan. 2, 2017. The Rose Queen is also expected to make more than 100 other media and community appearances throughout the year," KTLA reported.

Image credit Tournament of Roses.

KTLA Report

TCHS Football Since the Glory Years
Martin Moreno and Richard Curtis recently shared this article on Facebook. Author Aram Tolegian of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune has summarized the trials and triumphs since the last TCHS championship in 1986.

Pasadena Star News

TC Makes List of CA's Safest Cities
The website nas named Temple City the 48th safest place to live in California in 2016 in a list of 50 among the state's hundreds of communities, saying "Located in the west San Gabriel Valley in Los Angeles County, Temple City is a diverse community of 35,500 residents. Temple City is both an affordable place to live, by Southern California standards, and a safe place to call home. The violent crime rate is 105.1 (per 100,000 residents), and the chances of being involved in a property crime are under 1%."

Full List

Camellia Court 2016
IMHO the future of TC looks bright. I hope those of you in So Cal will go and support them. Note announced alumni activity in beer garden Saturday night (beer optional of course).

Camellia Festival 2016; Grownups Can Play, Too
Here's a link to more activities at the Camellia Festival. Saturday night is the time to reconnect with classmates. This year's festival runs from Friday 2/26 through Sunday 2/28, 2016. Click the adjacent image to display or download the flyer describing a fundraiser event on Friday 2/26.

Little League Batting Instruction with Steve deAngelis
Little League District 18 will be offering Batting Clinics for all players 4 thru 18 years of age, Baseball and Softball. The clinics will be held August 17-19 at Temple City National Little League – Millham Field - 6256 Oak Ave., Temple City, CA 91780 (Longden School, corner of Oak and Longden). The clinic will be led in part by former TCHS and professional baseballer Steve de Angelis.

Time is reserved for TC National from 4 to 5:30 PM each day and an open session will be held from 7:45 to 9:15 PM.

There will be 3 classes a day (9 total) with each class comprised of 40-50 kids. Leagues that have expressed an interest in participating have been assigned to a specific day and time. On all days walk-ins are welcome. This clinic differs from all others; parents, managers and coaches are invited to participate in or just watch the training and receive hands on training to the adults on how to teach hitting.
There is no charge to attend these classes.

Event Details (Press Release)

No. 2 Finish for TCHS Baseballers
The TCHS baseball team’s postseason run didn’t quite pan out, as Hemet posted a 2-0 win in the CIF-Southern Section Division 5 championship June 5 at UC Riverside.

As Aram Tolegian reported in the SGV Tribune: "Temple City head coach Rob Nelson said 'I'm so proud of what they accomplished. We weren’t supposed to be here. There’s teams sitting at home tonight who were supposed to be here. This is why you play the game."

TC (18-10) was a wild-card team at the outset of the playoffs after its third-place Rio Hondo League finish. But the Rams managed post-season upsets to reach the finals.

SGVT: Tolegian Article

Astronaut Hall of Fame Inducts Steve Lindsey '78
Chris Frans Basham reported the May 30 induction of Steven Lindsey into the Hall of Fame on Facebook. Follow the link below for more information on TCHS' premier astronaut.

Chris says she missed the ceremony but is happy to be pictured next to Lindsey's banner.

According to NASA and Wikipedia, "Lindsey has flown five missions in space for NASA. He served as Pilot of STS-87 (1997) and STS-95 (1998) and Commander of STS-104 (2001), STS-121 (2006) and STS-133 (2011).

STS-87 (November 19 to December 5, 1997) was the fourth U.S Microgravity Payload flight and focused on experiments designed to study how the weightless environment of space affects various physical processes, and on observations of the Sun’s outer atmospheric layers. Two members of the crew performed an EVA (spacewalk) that featured the manual capture of a Spartan satellite, and tested EVA tools and procedures for future Space Station assembly. During the EVA, Lindsey piloted the first flight of the AERCam Sprint, a free-flying robotic camera. The mission was accomplished in 252 orbits of the Earth, traveling 6.5 million miles in 376 hours and 34 minutes.

STS-95 (October 29 to November 7, 1998) was a 9-day mission during which the crew supported a variety of research payloads including deployment and retrieval of the Spartan solar-observing spacecraft, the Hubble Space Telescope Orbital Systems Test Platform, and investigations on space flight and the aging process. The mission was accomplished in 134 Earth orbits, traveling 3.6 million miles in 213 hours and 44 minutes.

STS-104 (July 12 to July 24, 2001), designated assembly mission 7A, was the 10th mission to the International Space Station (ISS). During the 13-day flight the crew conducted joint operations with the Expedition 2 crew and performed three spacewalks to install the ISS Joint Airlock Quest and to outfit it with four high-pressure gas tanks. In addition to installing and activating the Joint Airlock, the crew also performed the first spacewalk from Quest. The mission was accomplished in 200 Earth orbits.

STS-121 (July 4 to July 17, 2006) was an ISS visit and space shuttle checkout mission. It was the second flight after the Columbia disaster (STS-107) and was considered one of the two Return to Flight test missions before resumption of normal shuttle operations. Lindsey served as mission commander on the flight.

STS-133 (February 24 to March 9, 2011) was the last flight for Space Shuttle Discovery.

A veteran of five space flights, Lindsey has logged over 1500 hours in space."

More from Kennedy Space Center

Does Garfield Run Through Temple City?
From our Dead Presidents file: After about an hour on last fall, I confirmed that Temple City founder Walter Pablo Temple’s father, F.P.F. Temple, was the son of Jonathan Temple and Lucinda Parker (1779-1856), who was the daughter of Caleb Parker and Hannah Garfield (1750-1816), who was the daughter of Thomas Garfield 1713-1774.

That same Thomas Garfield was also the father of Solomon Garfield (1743-1807, cousin of Hannah), who was the father of Thomas Garfield (1773-1801, who was the father of Abram Garfield (1799-1833), who was the father of James Abram Garfield (1831-1881), who was the 20th and the last “log cabin” president of the United States.

Thus, if and its members are to be believed, Walter P. Temple was Pres. Garfield’s third cousin. Of course, Garfield is better known to history as a target than a president (see Wikipedia). He died from complications of a gunshot wound in 1881 after serving less than a year.

Had anyone kept track, we might all have attended Garfield High School!

BTW, Pres. Garfield's wife Lucretia died in South Pasadena in 1918, so the SG Valley connection went beyond ancestry.

And BTW, the little leaves in the graphic are the same ones advertised on TV by, so if any of our readers are Ancestry nerds, they might like to check my work and fill in the gaps, or, of course, refute and chastise me. :-)

(This item is revised from an earlier report elsewhere on the 'net.)


More about James A. Garfield

Recruiting at Camellia Festival
TCHS Alumni Assn. will be recruiting registrants during the open reunion Feb 21 at Temple City Park (Las Tunas at Kaufmann). We'll be hanging out near the libary entrance from 7 to 10 PM (Mom insists we be home early). If the reunion organizers have a welcome booth, we'll try to piggy-back there.

Our registration list now includes about ten percent of all former students (even the HS administration does not know how many students have actually enrolled). We hope to achieve a major increment during the festival. If you wish to share the experience (shades of 1969), we will allow second-party registrations just this once, so bring your contact list.

You can also enroll via the Join link at the top of any page.

While you're thinking about TCHS, this is also probably a good time for registered members to update their contact data.

See you soon!

Camellia Festival Doubles as Alumni Reunion
A group of alumni have organized an all-class reunion to be held 7-10 PM, Saturday, February 21, at Temple City Park (Kaufmann at Las Tunas). If you're there 4:30 to 9 PM Friday you can also hit the Food Truck. Click the adjacent icons to enlarge the flyers with more information. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Your correspondent met with several old friends and acquaintances and met some new ones, too. All in all, the event seemed to be a success and bears repeating. -RC

Repost of Ward Kimball Obituary from 2002
Due to renewed interest, this is a re-post of an article from the original version of the TCHS site from July 9, 2002.
Ward Kimball, one of Temple City's most famous residents and an icon of the animated film industry, has died at age 88.

One of Walt Disney's core group of animators known as the "nine old men," Kimball participated in the development of both Walt Disney Productions and the Temple City Schools.

At Disney, he was credited with the transformation of Mickey Mouse into his modern rounder, jollier personna. He crafted the lovable Jimminy Cricket for Pinocchio and won academy awards in 1956 (Man in Space) and 1969 (It\'s Tough to be a Bird).

During the 1940s and 50s, he contributed to the life of TC as a participant in community theatrical and musical events. Despite his fame, he was not above being the target of on-stage humor. The Kimball home was best known locally for the full scale railroad that lies perpendicular to Ardendale St.

Kimball wrote and directed a trilogy for the "Disneyland" television series. The programs, "Man in Space," "Man and the Moon," and "Mars and Beyond" are often credited with popularizing the concept of the government's space program during the 1950s.

The Firehouse Five Plus Two dixieland jazz band with Kimball on trombone was considered "our own" by TC residents of the 1950s. The group performed at many local events over the years, while earning national recognition for its joyful style.

Kimball is survived by his wife of 66 years, Betty; three children, John Kimball, Kelly Kimball and Chloe Lord; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren. Kelly, John and Chloe are all TCHS graduates.

(You can add your own memory of Ward Kimball in the Comments below. --Ed.)

I will track down and re-post the original comments. (See also this post.)

Longden School Construction Order and Board Member Biography Rediscovered
Robins Nest Poultry was an early business in what became Temple City. Here is a summary biography of proprietor George Robins, who served on the South Santa Anita Schools board at the time the first South Santa Anita School (later Longden School) was built. Click the image to expand the biography, originally published in an LA County business history journal.

Appended is a copy of the original request for proposals for the construction of Longden. It calls for a smaller building than the one most readers of this site will recall. It is up to you, dear reader, to find out the ensuing sequence of construction and growth.

Notes: For those of tender years, "South Santa Anita" became Temple City in 1923, and "Sunset Boulevard" became Temple City Boulevard in the mid-1950s. (One might assume Gloria Swanson could not stand the competition, but in reality there was a countywide effort to eliminate duplicate street names.)

ASSOC. EDITOR NEEDED. Prefer a TC or other local resident to keep us abreast of happenings there. Please write to the editor if you are interested.