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New Members

Jeanne Ellen (Blakesley) Criss (1958)
Barbara Anderson (1961)
Rob Liden (1974)
Scott Johnson (1978)
Jennifer Strange (1988)

In Memoriam

Karen Hayes '59
Jon Greene '60
Ron Blankenbaker '74

The Ramble

Member Updates

Barbara Anderson ( 14-Mar-2018 )
Happily living in Davis, Calif. Retired from UC Davis in 2004 as associate editor of UC Davis Magazine, occasionally fre...
Rees Clark ( 21-Feb-2018 )
Sheriff Seizes Illegal Arsenal from TC Resident, L.A. Times reports. LINK
Richard Veit ( 8-Aug-2017 )
My second novel, PARALLELOGRAPH, is part historical literature, part romance, and part sci-fi adventure. It tells the st...

News Headlines

Karen Hayes '59
Michael Hayes has reported the death of Karen Hayes, class of 1959 on 17 January 2018. He adds that "Karen followed TCHS... Continues...
Jon Greene '60
Reports on Facebook tell of the passing of Jon Greene, class of 1960, in February.

Jon served as a Los Angeles police... Continues...
Committee Seeks Suport for Grad Night
Lenore Tijerina Smith writes: Hey Temple City Peeps, come celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while supporting Temple City... Continues...
Class of '88 Save the Date
We have it on good authority that the Class of '88 is planning a 30 Year Reunion.
When: 7/21/2018 at 7:00 pm; Where:... Continues...
Ron Blankenbaker '74
12/30/17—Darlean Dattola has notified us of the passing of her brother Ron Blankenbaker class of 1974.

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