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Welcome our newest member

Peleise Aiono (1979)

The COVID-19 virus has discombobulated all of us. In the short run, please sign in and (briefly) update friends and classmates on how you and your community are doing. Recent updates echo below and more appear here. You can also participate in the related COVID-19 forum. We urge you to stay home touring our website until the situation normalizes. Our best shot at informing alumni from a distance from the homeland is here; you can post comments to add testing locations or anecdotes about local conditions at the bottom of the article. In the meantime, Stay home, stay safe! Daily COVID19 Rules

News Headlines

Social Distancing Photo Contest
This would be a good time to sign into your profile and send a photo of yourself (and family?) engaged in social distancing, even better if you're in secret identity mode. We're inspired by Judith... Continues...
David Matuszak '71 conveys love of surfing in extensive compilation
David Matuszak '71 has recently published a collection of essays and photographs of surfing in and around San Onofre, CA. Pacific Sunset magazine has a excerpt of the image gallery and a stack of very... Continues...

Updates from Members

Judith Arielle Golden 1971 05/26/2020 10:26 AM
Hello everyone. I'm well and living in Las Vegas, NV

Bonnie Jean (Lazalier) Rivera 1964 05/13/2020 8:22 PM
Staying at home;if I do go out wear mask, and keep my distance; otherwise enjoying reconnecting with former classmates, and COVOID-19 staying safe.
Judith (Depew) Nicholas 1960 05/12/2020 7:42 AM
No real updates. Even with Covid-19, I am still working - I work for a surgeon and we are still helping people. Covid-19 is ugly, but I see it bringing families closer together and people realizing what is really important in life.
Rees Clark 1960 05/07/2020 2:46 PM
Pleased to note our approaching milestone of seven million page views.
David Matuszak 1971 05/03/2020 7:40 PM
Retired from teaching HS. Now focusing on ranching, surfing, and writing. My latest book is considered the "Bible of surfing" (1500 pgs. of surfing culture) and includes references to TC surfers.

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Members may comment on descriptive information, blog posts, and many other types of content.
My sympathy to Michael Hayes and her family. Karen is being entered into the Class of '59 Memoriam on the Old School Temple...
Hi Rees, I have an In Memoriam list for the Class of 1973 with quite a few additions to the ones you already have. Can I...
We regret that Ed Glassco died just before the establishment of TCHS Alumni News. The more we find our school friends and...
Best wishes to ALL during these trying times due to Corona Virus. What a colossus tormenting event.
PS: This is not the right place for politics. Eyes on the prize, friends!

Calendar Preview

07-Aug-2020 - Rescheduled 2020 Graduation

New Members

Peleise Aiono (1979)
Gary Roloson (1968)
David Matuszak (1971)
Susan (Clark) Gallagher (1974)
Jo Ann (Taylor) Crabtree (1968)

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The following members have recently signed in...Rees Clark 1960, 31 May; Richard Curtis 1962, 31 May; Mark Mercer 1973, 29 May; Viyada Satyapan 1992, 27 May; Cheryl Mason Brown 1975, 26 May; TCHS Testmember 1961, 26 May; Gayle Mueller Valentino 1969, 26 May; Paul De Chirico 1972, 26 May; Natalie Rose Deuby Schirm 2010, 26 May; Judith Arielle Golden 1971, 26 May.

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