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Scott Johnson (25 Oct)
Jennifer Strange (18 Oct) Gloria (Olsen) Johnson (18 Sep) Donna (Barrozo) Lefler (23 Aug) Gordon Smythe (7 Aug)

Campus News

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TCHS' Rampage News is now on line. Catch up with campus activities.
The Ramble: More student-produced weekly news & features.


Compendium of high school and some club sports from MaxPreps.

News Headlines

Reunion, A Poem by Dixie Crosby
Dixie Crosby '67 recently published the following poem via... Continues...
Alumni News Needs Your Help
We’ve had a complaint that the recent Class of ’77 reunion was not... Continues...
Alumni in Harvey-land, Plus Irma
The following registered alumni have addresses in states in the path of... Continues...

Restaurateurs: WE PAY YOU for your used cooking oil and recycle it into clean-burning diesel fuel.

The Bleat Beat

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Rees Clark 1960 ( 26-Sep-2017 )
The Ramble is back for a new year with a new cast and new adventures. Remember, seniors are eligible to join TCHS Alumni News Assn. LINK

Richard Veit 1966 ( 8-Aug-2017 )
My second novel, PARALLELOGRAPH, is part historical literature, part romance, and part sci-fi adventure. It tells the story of how far a courageous young woman might go, against incredible odds, to save the life of someone she loves.

Christine (Mutter) Gill 1968 ( 24-Feb-2017 )
Class/1968 is having its 50th Reunion in Temecula on 9/26, 2018. More info: Chris Gill at 760– 703–9970 or on the Facebook group "Class of 1968 50th Reunion". Please get in touch and plan to attend.

Harmony Plantenga Brown 1997 ( 9-Feb-2017 )
Hi guys Class of 1997 reunion is September23, 2017 Time and place tba. I will keep you posted so check back soon.

Ron Moon 1964 ( 18-Dec-2016 )
Revised link to class of '64 website LINK

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