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Bill Wells 1959. William Divale Duplicate 1960. Guy Mackey Duplicate 1960. Dave Morris (duplicate) 1960. Vicky Sue Ipsen Grage 1960. Cheryl Ann (DUPLICATE) Johnson Wineinger 1960. Paulette Elizabeth Ross Anderson DUPLICATE 1960. Billie Ann Schuder Edwardes DUPLICATE 1960. Ellen Jean Sisola Hull DUPLICATE 1960. Brenda Jo Brigham Winchell 1961. Loren Gardner 1962. Lloyd Glassbrook 1962. Jeanne Faulkner Cosare 1962. Jim Moore 1963. Carolyn Hudson John 1963. Rod Braido 1964. Roger Clemens 1964. dennis glynn 1964. Cary Petersen 1965. Richard Duncan Carter 1966. George D Coyle 1966. Event Test 1966. Cherrie Hurd Lindquist 1966. Nancy Marie Cavanaugh 1967. Ray Coughlin 1967. Donna Imrie 1967. Susan Kahn 1967. David Sasse 1967. Bruce Turner 1967. Thomas R Weibel 1967. Joann Hill Myers 1967. Jean Anderson 1968. ron garner 1968. danley pearson 1968. Danley Pearson 1968. Bobtest Testbob 1968. Linda Clause Kannow 1969. Cheryl Johann Mahoney 1969. Pam Martin Champagne 1969. david leonard 1972. Robert Perrou 1972. Karen Flick Massie 1973. Dineen Pearson Lee 1973. michelle montague sheets 1974. Robin Penn Hill 1974. sue sasse peer 1974. Susan Sasse Peer 1974. Kim Sheldon Hurtado 1974. WILLIAM KNOWLES 1975. deborah hamilton nichols 1975. Todd Bushey 1976. Russell Ornelas 1976. Kellie Dustman 1977. Patricia Ann Powell Cleveland 1977. Phillip Welch 1979. Kelley Hamagiwa Chaddock 1979. Glenda JoAnn Bauer 1980. Chris Frans Basham 1980. Cheryl Nestler Odell 1980. Janet Sedor Rice 1980. Stephanie Silletta O'Dell 1980. Sherri Michaelson 1981. Jeffreykib Jeffreykib Johannes Gerard Blok 1982. Colleen Brown 1983. Tabroce Vawilhy Leo smith 1983. Laura Albert Jackson 1984. Doloralee Morse Reichard 1984. Bernardo (Bernie) Escarcega 1989. sue scorcia vititoe 1989. Jessica Fine Angulo 1993. Michael Sulpizio 1994. Tony Viera 1994. Enid Nunez Bermejo 1994. Melissa Cornejo 1995. Harmony Plantenga Brown 1997. harmony Plantenga Brown 1997. Katie Hurtado 1999. Herwick Mok 2002. Devina Sindhu 2002. Loretta Chen 2006. Koko Masako Huang 2009.