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Rees Clark 1960 10-Sep-2023
I just got my second recent message from Classmates(dot)com purportedly from a dead classmate. Clearly they have a security problem; caveat emptor!
Rees Clark 1960 29-Aug-2023
US News annual survey ranks Temple City High School #975 nationally, 147th in state and 66th in metro area. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Follow LINK for details
Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 11-Aug-2023

Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 11-Aug-2023
Please join the Class of 73 to help them celebrate their 50th reunion on 10/7/23. Everyone is welcome!! Tickets are on sale through If interested, let me know and I'll make sure your name is listed on the website!
Nancy (Blair) Ervin 1964 31-Jul-2023
Living in Danville, ca
Mary Jane Evans 1961 30-Jul-2023
I am traveling as much as possible and usually include one of the 16 students I have hosted through AFS as I go
Paula (Hooper-Brown) Craig 1978 30-Jul-2023
Married to former classmate Todd Craig for 41 years.
Lived in TC for 61 years. We have one daughter who attended TC High, class of 2011. Recently retired and moved to Fort Collins, Colorado to be near our Daughter, Son-in-law and 2 year old grandson
Richard Veit 1966 15-Jul-2023
I retired from employment at Baylor University on June 1, 2022. However, I continue to write, and my fourth novel, GIVE ME A SMILE, will be released in the fall of 2023. My wife (Patti) and I recently enjoyed an 18-day vacation in the British Isles.
Rees Clark 1960 24-Jun-2023
Wendy Ashton McKenna '73 advises tickets to the September class reunion may be purchased at the class website. We note the price reduction for early buyers.

Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 24-Jun-2023
Tickets are now on sale for the Class of 1973's 50th reunion! Please see the attached for details. All are welcome, hope to see you there!
TCHS Alumni Administrator 16-Jun-2023
C/73 is celebrating their 50th-year reunion. Click LINK for details.
TCHS Alumni Administrator 16-Jun-2023
Check out C/78's reunion announcement. (Click adjacent LINK.)
Rees Clark 1960 16-Jun-2023
Unrequited desire besets older man...(Film at 11). (Note that you can attach an image to your Profile Update. It will appear temporarily on the Home and Membership pages, where it is clickable for a larger view.)

Kathy (Archer) Keithley 1978 16-Jun-2023
Sign in and click my contact link for reservations and payment info for our 45th reunion SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2023 AT 4 PM. All are welcome. Old friends, wine tasting, cool music, & a tiki bar vibe! Get out your 70's aloha duds and come join us!

Kathryn (Olsen) Barrera 1973 31-May-2023
Hello! Living in Sacramento in a 55+community and enjoying retirement!
Natalie Sanders 1989 11-May-2023
Looking for the weirdos of 1989
Rees Clark 1960 20-Apr-2023
We have it on the best authority that C/73 is having a reunion October 7.

Rees Clark 1960 30-Mar-2023
The attached 1954 nphoto showed up on line today. Presumably at TC JHS first year of new school district. L-R Paul Showalter, Jim Cordes, Helen Bartlett. Attributed TC Hist Soc.

Rees Clark 1960 04-Mar-2023
Happy to report we've moved the Covid-19 section to the bottom of the list of news categories. Please take good care of yourselves. -RC
Rees Clark 1960 26-Feb-2023
Received word of Class of '73 reunion. Click LINK for details (some browsers will interpret the link in image). This would be a good time to encourage your c'mates to register here at TCHS Alumni Assn. :-)

Rees Clark 1960 26-Feb-2023
As we understand it, if you are attending the Camellia Festival tonight, you are probably cold, wet and lonely, as it has been reported cancelled for the first time in my memory.
Kevin Irish 1985 01-Feb-2023
Hello all you former Rams! Just finished a few projects at TCHS! Green & Gold for Life! "Keeping it 91780"
Stefan C. Mrakich 1986 18-Jan-2023
I’ve been removed from most social media platforms for “violation of community standards” and “Covid 19 misinformation.” This is my last resort for virtual human contact. It appears the obituaries are not up to date; RIP KEN ENDOW.
Dennis Gregory Glynn 1964 01-Dec-2022
Moved to Mesquite, Nv from Arizona in 2021. Still in Idaho for the summers. Do miss the times growing up in SoCal...wish it was the same.
Rees Clark 1960 27-Oct-2022
Someone put the attached old newspaper article about Longden School plan from the 1920s on Facebook.

Richard Veit 1966 19-Sep-2022
My third novel, TIME JOURNEYS, follows the adventures of Logan Gramm, who has been recruited to become a professional time traveler and "revise" the future of a dystopian United States.
TCHS Alumni Administrator 27-Jul-2022
We regret that a settings error briefly blocked access to our home page. We rely on users to inform us; really, you won't hurt our feelings. Enjoy the Return of TCHS Alumni!
Daniel Chavez 1993 12-Jul-2022
On Instagram @brown_sugar_75
Daniel Chavez 1993 12-Jul-2022
Living the dream
Rees Clark 1960 28-Jun-2022
Sad to learn of the death of my classmate Gary Freeman '60 back in 1972.
Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 27-Jun-2022
Am happy to announce that the Class of 73 has now booked a reunion spot for our 50th. The DoubleTree Hotel in Monrovia on 10/7/23. All are welcome! More details to follow!
Bill Halverson 1960 27-May-2022
Still trudging the road to happy destiny. Gave up on the book. I am in my first adult relationship with Elizabeth. Grateful.
Rees Clark 1960 22-May-2022
Found this photo on Facebook. Different era, but this is the school to and from which I trudged through snow, uphill both ways, kindergarten to 2nd grade.

Sandi (Palmer) Brabb 1975 22-Apr-2022
I work in Pullman, WA. Class of '75, if you are ever in my neighborhood, let's connect.
Rees Clark 1960 18-Apr-2022
Carolyn "Sally" (Dixon) Heaverne '60 proposes this as the TCHS official bird. Comment in the Dialogue forum (LINK)

Rees Clark 1960 13-Apr-2022
It has been suggested that Oak Avenue School, formerly TC Jr. High, be renamed in honor of William Schmidt, pioneer educator, teacher, principal and superintendent in a remarkable career. I fully support this effort. More to follow.

Rees Clark 1960 16-Mar-2022
Have a listen (click LINK) to the TCHS string orchestras in concert. Three groups perform. The Honors group's renditions of Copeland and Wagner (from 31:00) are excellent. Make yourself proud no matter your TCHS era. Enjoy!

Eleanor (Rochford) Algorri 1955 13-Mar-2022
Hi My name Is Julie algorri Martin I am the daughter of Eleanor Rochford Algorri. My mom passed away Sept 9 1990. I was 5 I am joining this page to find any and all info on my mom like pictures, people who knew her,just anything thank you
Kerry (Wagner) Mushinskie 1972 03-Mar-2022
50th reunion is being planned. Send me your email so we can contact you!
Ray Watters 1962 22-Feb-2022
In our fourth year in Florida and have added agencies in Chicago and New York. Too young to retire!
Nancy (Poletti) Lavallee 1965 07-Feb-2022
Living in Northern California.
Retired from Pediatric Dentistry.
Still a Temple City girl at heart.
Nancy (Poletti) Lavallee 1965 07-Feb-2022
Living in Northern California.
Retired from Pediatric Dentistry.
Still a Temple City girl at heart.
Rees Clark 1960 06-Feb-2022
Yesterday, 5 Feb., we had ten registrations, our biggest day ever. I'm guessing most found us via a TC F'book group. If you're a member there, please LIKE us to draw more alumni here at no cost to either person, and help find the missing 22,000 alumni.
Dave Watson 1982 06-Feb-2022

Dave Watson 1982 06-Feb-2022
Just signed up… any class o’ 82 here?
Beverly (Johnson) Ashley 1958 05-Feb-2022
A Ti hip. Bashing tennis balls in the racquetball court at the gym. Skiing at Snow Valley this year. Really pissed that I could have been skiing here FREE for the last ten years instead of paying and driving further up to Big Bear.
Rees Clark 1960 28-Jan-2022
I'm about to delve into the works of Joe Torosian, a TC neighbor, whose body of literary work crosses SG Valley boundaries and looks interesting.

Larry Stapleton 1966 21-Jan-2022
I meant to type TCHS Band. the one that marches.
Larry Stapleton 1966 21-Jan-2022
I found my picture with the TCHS Bank on page 163 of the 1963 yearbook.
Larry Stapleton 1966 21-Jan-2022
Andrew is now in a home, looking for work.
Anita Robertson 1965 20-Jan-2022
waiting for class of 65 reunion this summer
Walter Ego 1955 19-Jan-2022
We note that the Camellia Festival for 2022 has been postponed until May.

Rees Clark 1960 18-Jan-2022
We've passed 8.2 million page views. How can we serve you better? Use the Contact form to answer.
Jeff Lyman 1972 18-Jan-2022
Assisting with Class of '72 reunion, Mike Ferraro is reunion committee chairman, if you are interested in attending and/or details, please send him an email at:
Rosanne J. Moore 1972 23-Nov-2021
Just went to TCHS '71 reunion. Can't wait for our "72 50th next year!
TCHS Demomember 1961 04-Oct-2021
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Rees Clark 1960 12-Sep-2021
On returning to school in September, 1958, the class of 1960 was shocked by the news that our classmate Craig Chapman had died during the summer in a swimming accident. A rising star athlete, he was sorely missed and long remembered.

Deborah L. Jackson 1971 01-Sep-2021
My brother Ivan turned me on to TCHS Alumni platforms… did think to see for myself…that’s why we have family that help keep us p to date.
Rees Clark 1960 22-Aug-2021

Bob Hahn 1960 30-Jun-2021
Hi Rees, Hope all is well with you.
robert hahn
Claudia (Armato) Digrado 1970 07-Jun-2021
UPDATE 1970 50TH CLASS Reunion now is Sept 18, 2021 @ The Double Tree Hotel, Monrovia. Cocktails 5:00-6:30 dinner to follow. $130 per person Send checks to TCHS Class of 1970 50th Reunion PO box 141, Summerland, CA 93067
Rees Clark 1960 02-Jun-2021
Given the events of the past year, it seems appropriate to re-link a former News post. RIP, Ron B.
Kathy (Springer) Hendricks 1960 05-May-2021
I've been living a good life in Boulder City, NV. But, Sadly, in April of last year, my husband David lost his battle with cancer. It's been a challenging year of adjustments. I'm grateful to family and friends who have supported me through it.
Harmon Heed 1960 04-May-2021
Just bought a new Jag F-type and we're going on a 15,000 mile, 3 month circumnavigation around the States to see family and friends this summer.
James McLaughlin 1967 03-Apr-2021
Well I saw a group living here in Texas. Currently my wife, Lisa and I live in the North Texas area. We left Burbank in 2013 permanently retiring at that time. We have 9 grand children who are all doing fine. We travel most of the time.
Ray Watters 1962 03-Apr-2021
Still loving Central Florida! I have added Acting Coach to my resumé. I have added one agency and now am represented in Orlando, Austin, and Honolulu. At age 77 I have no intention of retiring. I'm having too much fun!
Dennis Kelly 1964 23-Mar-2021
Retired. living with my wife of 53 years in the desert.
Rees Clark 1960 19-Mar-2021
You can watch TCHS basketball live-streamed. Note: Vendor wants a credit card they say they will not charge but use for validation of email only. I refrained.
Rees Clark 1960 19-Feb-2021
Each time I visit this site and look at the Class of 1960 photo album I am reminded of all our reunions and the thought that there has not been such a gathering of beauty since Helen of Troy dined alone.
Rees Clark 1960 06-Feb-2021
Kathy Springer '60 and I can't ID some of our 7th grade friends in this photo. Can you help?

Rees Clark 1960 06-Feb-2021
Submit class photos including from pre-TCHS years; we'll add them to our gallery and if your class has a coordinator-moderator we will open a related discussion thread in the Forum.

Judith (Depew) Nicholas 1960 28-Jan-2021
I know the inthing is online meetings and such, but personally, I would rather wait till things open up again and then have the reunion.
Roger Clemens 1964 22-Nov-2020

Roger Clemens 1964 22-Nov-2020
Remain active in the scientific/medical community; humanitarian passion serving underserved populations; many international experiences on all continents except Antarctica
Roger Clemens 1964 22-Nov-2020
Semi-retired faculty at USC's School of Pharmacy and School of Medicine (Global Medicine program)
Co-founder of Polyscience Consulting
Active in academic writing: nutrition, food science, toxicology, regulatory science, medicine
Married 50 years
Rees Clark 1960 22-Oct-2020
Attn, Seniors: Suzanne Gonzalez '69 is available to take photos while the HS defers to C-19.

Cynthia (Anderson) Ciemny 1961 09-Oct-2020
I meant I'm Happy with my life. Not that I'm happy about losing my mother. That has been really hard
Cynthia (Anderson) Ciemny 1961 09-Oct-2020
What's new with me???? Well, I got fat and old. I moved to Arbuckle California on a 32 acre almond ranch. I have two rescue dogs and a silver fox husband. I lost my mother June 10, 2019. I'm happy.

Rees Clark 1960 08-Sep-2020
Take charge girl, 2004. Kathy Keithley '78 was one of the leaders of the 50th year celebration of the TC school district.

Penny (Thorndyke) Egan 1970 11-Aug-2020
Enjoying retirement.
Rees Clark 1960 03-Jul-2020
And now over seven million page views for TCHS Alumni News.
TCHS Alumni Administrator 03-Jul-2020
This would be a good day to scan and submit your class panorama photo. Please scan color or B&W, max. file size 200kb.

Dennis Gregory Glynn 1964 11-Jun-2020
Stay'n ahead of Covid 19. Loving everything that Southern Idaho has to offer.
Rees Clark 1960 10-Jun-2020
Thinking of organizing an online 60th reunion. Please discuss in the Forums.
Judith Arielle Golden 1971 26-May-2020
Hello everyone. I'm well and living in Las Vegas, NV

Bonnie Jean (Lazalier) Rivera 1964 13-May-2020
Staying at home;if I do go out wear mask, and keep my distance; otherwise enjoying reconnecting with former classmates, and COVOID-19 staying safe.
Judith (Depew) Nicholas 1960 12-May-2020
No real updates. Even with Covid-19, I am still working - I work for a surgeon and we are still helping people. Covid-19 is ugly, but I see it bringing families closer together and people realizing what is really important in life.
David Matuszak 1971 03-May-2020
Retired from teaching HS. Now focusing on ranching, surfing, and writing. My latest book is considered the "Bible of surfing" (1500 pgs. of surfing culture) and includes references to TC surfers.
Rees Clark 1960 28-Apr-2020
Martin Moreno '68 died April 23 of complications from Parkinson's Disease. Reported by his widow, Nancy Moreno.
Rees Clark 1960 08-Apr-2020
Live in CA?, over 60?, disabled?, dependent < 59? You may be able to get many necessities delivered free under state program.

Bob Hahn 1960 07-Apr-2020
Hi Rees. Keep up the good work.
Rees Clark 1960 20-Mar-2020
Several members have asked whether they can write longer articles than are allowed in these brief Updates. Yes! PM me for more information; we're working on an upgrade, and would value your input.
Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 20-Mar-2020
Hi everyone! I saw that Rees requested on FB that people sign in and give a status update. I'm writing from a Philly suburb and it's a beautiful day to stay home! Wouldn't matter if it wasn't beautiful but it does help.
Gregg Peterson 1970 20-Mar-2020
Was working in the US Census office, but we are on break eith the corona virus, staying home enjoying time with grandkids.
Ray Watters 1962 20-Mar-2020
Enjoying our time in Florida and staying safe during the covid 19 event. Unfortunately, like every other business, film production is down, so I am not working for a while. I would imagine it will be this way for some time.
Dennis Gregory Glynn 1964 19-Mar-2020
Living in Boise,Id(summer) CasaGrande,AZ(winter)Loving retirement,10 years now. Miss the good old days in SoCal and at TCHS.
Rees Clark 1960 29-Feb-2020
From Diana Dhimdis via Facebook...

Rees Clark 1960 27-Feb-2020
Murder conviction and sentencing end mystery 2017 disappearance of Peter Bentz '67.
Nolene (Bricken) Showalter 1960 26-Feb-2020
Iam really hoping a 60th reunion can be planned. Lost my husband Paul this past year. Would love to see my classmates/.
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