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In Memoriam
These special alumni perished in service to their neighbors and countrymen while serving in the military of the US or as public safety workers. (Notes)

Honor Roll Research Notes

Also from TC and KIA/VN. Are they TCHS students or graduates?
Samuel Don Danna
PVT, US Army
Paul Bruce Severloh
PFC US Army. June 21, 1947 -- January 28, 1968.

Begun April 1, 2002; R. Clark.
Revised, January 20, 2019; R. Clark


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Reported Elsewhere. We appreciate the seminal work by Dorothy Hobson Cabrera, Chip Kohnle, Richard Curtis and others writing at Facebook. However, only Facebook users can see those results. Our plan is to fully integrate all known lists and to make submissions and updates easily accessible to all alumni.

Deceased Alumni

The following obituaries are of self-registered members of the Association and of faculty and friends of the site. Additional obituaries may be found in individual profiles of registered members and in the weblog. Unconfirmed reports of the deaths of alumni are here. Members whose deaths have been confirmed are marked in the member list with an Ω (Omega). Some of these resources are available only ro registered members. Policies and Procedures

Seeking Obituary Editor


Latest Announcements from Weblog

Gary Ranker '60, friend, father, career coach
Dr. Gary Ranker (TCHS 1960) of Deer Harbor, WA, and New York, NY, passed away at age 76 in New York City March 28, 2019. The following is excerpted from an obituary by his son, ... Continues...
C/78 Loses Rhemrev, Holcomb
Kathy Keithley '78 reports that two classmates passed away recently. They were Linda Rhemrev on December 21 and Bryan Holcomb on January 5. We have added Linda posthumously to... Continues...
Fred Folsom '58
Frederick John Folsom, age 79, died Friday, April 19, in San Dimas, Calif., from complications of pneumonia and congestive heart failure. He had been in declining health for... Continues...
Former English Teacher Maynard Wilson Dies at 93
Barbara Lockie reports via Facebook that "Maynard (Buck) Wilson passed this week in Texas. He was 93. He and Roger (Lockie) coached 12 Championship Freshman Football teams. Buck... Continues...
Kevin Carey '75
Mary Miller reports that her brother Kevin Carey '75 passed away 11 April 2018.

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