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In Memoriam

Deceased Alumni

Members whose deaths have been reported are marked in the member list with an Ω (Omega). You must be a member and be signed in to see the member list from the Members link at the top of any page. There is no charge to join the association, and all contact data are confidential.

Members may report and confirm deaths; click the Report link above. To view deaths that have been reported but not confirmed, click the Reports in Progress link above. To confirm a death write To The Editor. As of Sept. 26, 2018, we are working on a simplified procedure for confirming reports directly. We will not mark a member as deceased until at least one member confirms the report.

These procedures are driven by a well structured, normalized database that runs quite fast. It is intended to replace the several valiant attempts we have observed that are based on unstructured text or PDF files that are slow to display or download.

SEEKING OBITUARY EDITOR. Finally, we are hoping to appoint an Obituary Editor this fall (2018). If you are interested, please write To The Editor.This person will be able to manage reports and confirmations and will be able to export files and links to other TC-related sites and social media. As always, your suggestions for improvement of this feature are welcome.

Latest Obituaries

Kevin Carey '75
Mary Miller reports that her brother Kevin Carey '75 passed away 11 April 2018.
Mark Oliver '77
Mary Oliver Friedrich reports that her brother Mark Oliver '77 died March 29, 2018.

"Mark had been on kidney diaylsis for many years. He passed away due to a heart attack. In... Continues...
Former English Teacher Maynard Wilson Dies at 93
Barbara Lockie reports via Facebook that "Maynard (Buck) Wilson passed this week in Texas. He was 93. He and Roger (Lockie) coached 12 Championship Freshman Football teams. Buck... Continues...

How to Report

Whenever we are notified of the deaths of alumni, former teachers or friends of TCHS, we (1) add them to or update the directory; (2) post brief notices in the News; (3) discontinue private messaging. We welcome biographies, which may be accompanied by up to three digital photos.

Please send notices to the editor. Before you suggest a name, please check the respective class list to help prevent duplications. When suggesting a name, please indicate the person's class year, or tell us how they were otherwise associated with TCHS. Please allow two weeks for verification, compilation and posting.

Reported Elsewhere

A group of alumni is currently maintaining a roughly parallel In Memoriam list on Facebook. We intend to make that effort easier with some online submission forms to feed both reports. INFO

The following alumni were enrolled members of TCHC Alumni News. Additional details are available to registered users. Scroll this subwindow to see more names.

Audrey Cameron, 1956
Thomas Ross, 1956
Karen Hayes, 1959
Fred Bateman, 1960
Richard Beckley Dickson, 1960
Barbara Carson Rumpf, 1960
Patrick Finch, 1960
Jon Greene, 1960
Sandra Hales Balvin, 1960
Sharon Kay Huff Bloom, 1960
Bobbie Johnson Norberg, 1960
Fred Jones, 1960
Barbara Kahn Millard, 1960
Sue Montague, 1960
David Parker, 1960
Joyce L Roberts Dolan, 1960
Joanne Rodgers Olsen, 1960
Doris Snyder, 1960
Philip Earl Thorndyke, 1960
Frances Anne Fazio, 1961
Tim Pirrie, 1961
Robert E. Reseigne, 1961
Linda Skelley Kerkow, 1961
Susan Wooster Morris, 1961
Gary Skelley, 1962
Joan Doss Ireland, 1964
Bob Glade, 1964
Patricia Henry Morse, 1964
Roger Epps, 1965
Norman Holz, 1965
Tony Tedesco, 1965
Peter S Arlotti, 1966
James W Blasingham, 1966
John Derry, 1966
Stephen L Dettweiler, 1966
Robert Fontana, 1966
Jan Hall Finley, 1966
Richard (Scott) Handley, 1966
Robert P Hauge, 1966
Susan Reynolds, 1966
Douglas Ross, 1966
Terry L Taylor, 1966
James Tisdel, 1966
Michael Cory Volheim, 1966
Mary Thuen, 1967
Erika (Rikki) Gutkin, 1968
Kevin Carey, 1975
Michael Key, 1976
Mark Oliver, 1977
Dennis Reynolds, 1978
Susan Nichols Johnson, 1979
Tiffany Yaeger, 1988
Marsha Watters Pallies, 1967

gold and green plaque with ram logo
These special alumni perished in service to their neighbors and countrymen while serving in the military of the US or as public safety workers. Honors are presented alphabetically by surname. Recommendations are requested and earnestly appreciated. (Notes)
Michael Cory Volheim, Class of 1966

Honor Roll Research Notes

Also from TC and KIA/VN. Are they TCHS students/grads?
Samuel Don Danna
PVT, US Army
Margaret May '62: Sandy Danna was a lovely young man who went to Mark Keppel High. I worked with him in about 1964 in San Gabriel. He happily went off to war when his number was called... I got two different stories of how he died: first, that he had stepped on a mine, later that he died by small-arms fire. He did live in Temple City when I knew him; We used to ride to work together.
Paul Bruce Severloh
PFC US Army. June 21, 1947 -- January 28, 1968.
Donna Georgino wrote on Oct. 14, 2004, to say "Paul Severloh lived in Temple City but graduated from Rosemead High School." We appreciate the update.

Begun April 1, 2002; R. Clark.
Revised, December 2, 2015; R. Clark

The honor roll is presented alphabetically. TCHS Alumni News welcomes stories about the honorees. Please tell us whom else we should add to this list. The honoree should meet the description at the top of the page. If a web site exists elsewhere in honor of the person, please send us the URL. All submissions are subject to verification. Also, if you find that one of our links has expired or moved, please notify us, and together perhaps we can track down the new information source.

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