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February 27, 2024
Hello! We're testing a new feature. As an enrolled member of TCHS Alumni Association, you are eligible to receive this occasional email edition. We encourage you forward it to your friends and classmates who are not members. The more members, the more news! Find more information at TCHS Alumni News.

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Baby it's ??? outside!
We've added a weather widget for Temple City. Scroll to find the prettified view on the home page, or while this item is active, click the TEMPLE CITY link below.

TEMPLE... Continues...
Business Directory Returns!
The TCHS Alumni Business Directory is back with new features and easier operation. Who should care? Alumni subscribers may have a text-only listing FREE. Advertise to our... Continues...
Alumni offspring needs a hand
Wendy Ashton McKenna '73 writes in Facebook: "I wanted to share this GoFundMe post from our dear classmate and friend Jenny Lawrence. (Jennifer Joanis) Jenny's son Brian was... Continues...
TCHS Girls CIF Volleyball Champs
Temple City defeated Rancho Christian to become 2023 CIF Division 5 volleyball champions on 3 November, according to the Pasadena Star-News.
Class Reunion Cruise // Canceled - No Group Reservation
UPDATE from Hector via Farcebook: I wanted to let you know that we did not meet the required number of commitments of classmates to confirm a group reservation. As a result I will... Continues...


Bleat Beat: Member Updates

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Rees Clark 1960 20-Feb-2024
Anyone available to anchor an alumni team with Zoom support?
Jacqueline (Warner) Nicholson 1960 19-Feb-2024
New hip in 2023 and doing better. Still working very part time and playing lots...
Paulette Elizabeth (Ross) Anderson 1960 19-Feb-2024
Joined the Chief John Ross Daughters of American Revolution chapter and became...
Bob Hahn 1960 18-Feb-2024
Nothing new (just much older). Back here in southern cal after years living...
Dawn (Fernandes) Arnold 1984 17-Feb-2024
I'm on the 40 Year Reunion Committee for the Class of 1984. Please contact me...
Judith (Depew) Nicholas 1960 28-Dec-2023
We have moved from San Dimas to McCordsville, Indiana.
Demo Tchsmember 1961 13-Oct-2023
Members' addresses never appear on this site. Telephone numbers may be posted at...

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