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June 15, 2014
Hello! We're testing a new feature. As an enrolled member of TCHS Alumni Association, you are eligible to receive this occasional email edition. We encourage you forward it to your friends and classmates who are not members. The more members, the more news! Find more information at TCHS Alumni News.

News Review

Class of 1978 to Celebrate 45 Years on 9/16/2023 at the Galley
Aloha TC Alumni!

The class of 1978 will be celebrating 45 years on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at the Galley, AKA the Boat. Get out your favorite 70's bellbottoms and... Continues...
Alumni Site Visits Top 8 Million
According to counter on our host's web server, we have now had 8.4 million page views on the website.

In related news, Qanon's claims that the website scans each visitor... Continues...
2022 Camellia Festival Set for May 20-22
Temple City's annual Camellia Festival for 2022 will be held May 20-22. After two years of rescheduled, virtual or abbreviated versions, the event will be live but with May... Continues...
Camellia Parade 2021 Goes Virtual
The 77th annual Camellia Parade took a turn to the digital side this year with the theme "Everyday Heroes" largely honoring those who've played a role in keeping local society... Continues...

Bleat Beat: Member Updates

Rees Clark 1960 27-Oct-2022
Someone put the attached old newspaper article about Longden School plan from...
Richard Veit 1966 19-Sep-2022
My third novel, TIME JOURNEYS, follows the adventures of Logan Gramm, who has...
TCHS Alumni Administrator 27-Jul-2022
We regret that a settings error briefly blocked access to our home page. We rely...
Daniel Chavez 1993 12-Jul-2022
On Instagram @brown_sugar_75
Wendy (Ashton) McKenna 1973 27-Jun-2022
Am happy to announce that the Class of 73 has now booked a reunion spot for our...
Bill Halverson 1960 27-May-2022
Still trudging the road to happy destiny. Gave up on the book. I am in my first...
Sandi (Palmer) Brabb 1975 22-Apr-2022
I work in Pullman, WA. Class of '75, if you are ever in my neighborhood, let's...
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