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Class Reunions and Other Events
For current reunion information see the Calendar and the News.

TCHSalumni Reunion Support

TCHS Alumni News wants to help your class publicize its reunion and to help you communicate with your classmates during the planning, invitation and reporting phases of the event.

Start by registering your reunion by writing to the editor. We will (1) write a brief article for the News and (2) start a topic in The Forums (if you'll be the moderator; we cannot be responsible for answering questions posted there); and (3) add your event to the Calendar.

As your reunion plans progress, use the To The Editor form in the Table of Contents to keep us and your classmates current on dates, activities, etc., and on help you need to make your event a success. We also welcome your suggestions on ways we can be more helpful. Naturally, we can normally implement only those suggestions that serve all classes equally well. Fee based services are available for special projects.

By using our services, you save money compared to commercial mailers and also help us to keep our lists correct. Regular updating of the alumni directory by members and reunion committees is the best way to avoid the five and ten year pain of list reconstruction that reunion committees all know and love.

Contact the Editors for more information.


Reunion Planning Tips

Reunions need not be held exclusively in anniversary years divisible by 5 or 10. Nor need they be in any particular season, especially when child care is no longer an issue.
You need not have a formal affair. A giant family picnic is a great alternative during peak child care years. (Make provisions for professional child care during the event to free yourself to talk with friends; this is a lot cheaper than another meaningless rubber chicken dinner.)
Target the middle of the range of ideas. Peanut butter sandwiches in the park and filet mignon at the Ritz will each alienate some of your classmates. When in doubt, go for comfort and inclusiveness.
ADDRESSES: Collecting and maintaining addresses is a lot easier if you do it continuously rather than in a last-minute panic. Your class can use our directory as a permanent repository; we can extract mailing lists as required, and we can send mailings directly.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Add your event to our Calendar and to online calendars in organizational sites to which you subscribe. Be sure you update those announcements as details change.
NEWS: A class newsletter can be distributed easily and inexpensively on the 'net. Include a registration and/or address correction form with each issue. Be sure the pages of your online newsletter contain a phrase like " Class of ... reunion" so that the content will be picked up by search engines. Low-cost class sites are available in association with this site.
Hiring a professional organizing and/or catering service can help. Be sure that YOU not they are the owner of the data resources that emerge from the event. Specifically, be sure that you get a machine readable address list that can be adapted to your purposes, e.g., compared to your existing class list; specify the format of the data to be delivered to you. Ideally such a list should be delivered to you both during and after the registration process. Many "planners" use your event to collect mailing lists, which they then resell. That information should be yours, not theirs, or at the very least it should be a shared asset for inclusion in your (our?) directory. If they won't share the data, take your business elsewhere.
As your reunion plans progress, keep us informed on dates, activities, etc., and let us provide the help you need to make your event a success. Be sure your classmates know where to look for updates.