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Member Groups and Classes


The Groups feature is under development. Groups are subsets of the general member list. A special case of groups is class years.

Class Lists

The Class of 1971
The Class of 1968
The Class of 1967
The Class of 1964
By Richard Curtis '62 et al.
The Class of 1963
By Richard Curtis '62 et al.
The Class of 1962
By Richard Curtis '62 et al.
The Class of 1961
By Richard Curtis '62 et al.
The Class of 1960
By Rees Clark '60
These simple compilations of former TCHS students have been submitted by reunion organizers and others. We welcome other class lists, and we promise appropriate care and privacy. We do not sell or otherwise share contact data except limited sharing with reunion organizers. Inclusion in these compilations does not mean that listed individuals are members of TCHS Alumni News Assn.

Notes on Names

Maiden names. Before you children of the '70s pick up your pens to denounce our backward ways, please note: Our naming convention is not about political correctness, the battle of the sexes, income inequalities, gender bias, etc., etc. It is about making sure we correctly identify people and help them to communicate. 'Nuf said.

Class Lists

Enrolled members may select by class years and look up individual members. Additional details, personal profiles and contact options are available only to registered members.

How You Can Help

You can help develop this site!
  1. Send us your class list. We will add it to our collection (right). Many of you have fingers, which interestingly can be used in combination with a keyboard and an email program to send us a list, e.g., the one in your yearbook. You can help even more by updating with married names and/or other name changes. We do not add people to the alumni register based on these lists; we wait for them to register themselves. When these class lists are available, people searching for their own names on the Web find the site and many register. Our goal is to find every alumnus, somewhere between 15,000 and 18,000 people.

    The preferred format is a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers...); other formats include tab-separated files and SQL exports. If you don't know the meaning of those terms, please contact the editor, who will tease you mercilessly and then give you tons of help. We will request confirmation from each person whose email address is supplied. Other listings submitted in this manner will be marked in the Directory with a special symbol to indicate that the listing has not been confirmed by the alumnus.

  2. Become a class coordinator. We can set up a Group for your class, and each enrolled member can be added automatically in the group. It's almost like having your own site; in some ways it's better, as it complements class information with information about other alumni.

Class List Sources

The best source is YOU!

The lists on this page have been submitted by classmates. Each has been independently compiled. The editors have no way to independently verify the accuracy or completeness of the lists and are not responsible for errors or omissions. Corrections are requested. Please contact the respective class coordinator directly before contacting the editor. Some of these lists are smaller than the number of persons who have actually registered in the Alumni Directory. We consider the Directory more accurate.

We earnestly request your support in the compilation of a complete record. If you have been a reunion organizer, if you sit alone all forlorn compiling lists, or if you're just a nice person with some spare time, we could use your help compiling your class list. You can start easily by copying the list for the class and then adding names and sending the expanded or corrected list to the editor as the body of an email. Please type carefully using the format FIRST MAIDEN LAST, placing one name on each line and a comma after each part of the name. Naturally, omit the maiden name for men.

Interestingly, TCHS has no complete lists of students or graduates. They also don't seem to have a complete set of yearbooks. The temptation to comment has been suppressed.

Another source is a book compiled by TCHS in the mid-1990s that attempted to list everyone. It's not perfect, but it would be a good start. We suggested to the business teachers that they use the list as a student exercise in typing, but it seems community service is no longer a long suit in town. Oops, sorry, that bordered on being a comment.

If you acquired a copy of a commercial directory from Harris Connect in about 2007, there may be additional information there. We've found lots of duplication and obsolescence, but some classes have used the directory to advantage; perhaps you can too.

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