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Welcome! This is the place to ask questions of fellow alumni and to seek friends, etc. The members know a lot more than the editors - who have proven it over and over. You must be registered and logged in to participate in the Forums.

Please give some thought to which forum you use before posting a new topic or comment; it's generally better to attach your comment to an existing thread.

While this paragraph appears this is an experimental feature and may be disabled for testing or withdrawn at any time.

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 Classes & Reunions
Meet your friends and plan events. Please create only one topic per class or reunion to keep the discussion focused. Use the General Discussion forum for other subjects.
 TC Trivia
Did it really happen? When? Does it matter?
 Looking for...
Missing a friend? Ask other alumni for help. When you succeed; please ask your friend to register at this site. Do not post phone or email in replies. To send details to someone you know, click the username and send a private message.
 Curricula and Teachers
What worked; what did not? Who dunnit? Comment on your TCHS experiences.
Were you a player, a fan...? Who were your coaches?
 General Discussion
Use the Forums to communicate freely with fellow alumni. Please respect the open and family-friendly intent of the site.
Updates and improvements to the Forums system. Discuss issues; help other users.