TCHS Alumni News
Temple City High School, California
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Class of 1956
First to attend and graduate from the new Temple City High School, they attended classes at the former Temple City Jr. High School on Oak Avenue. The new campus opened the following fall.

This is a partial list that needs editing. We hope to assign a class coordinator-editor soon. It could be you; that tingling in your fingers could be an urge to volunteer.

Thomas Agnew
Helen (Bartlett) Lovaas
Penny (Bell) Grund
Bob Bender
Audrey Cameron
Julie Ciccarelli
Anne (Collins) Walker
Frank Fraga
Francey (Gasper) Ward
Gail Louise (Grammer) Gunderson
Gail (Gunderson) Downs
Leonard Hannemann
Chuck Johnston
Linda (McClellan) Scudder
Anita (Merryman) Bowers
Willam F. Nolan
Thomas Ross
Chuck Sandford
Warren Smith
The creation of a class discussion forum and other features awaits appointment of a class coordinator.