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From time to time, the vast TCHS editorial team (shown here) needs a little help. Here are some ways you can help support TCHS Alumni News Assn.


Commercial sponsorships are available. Sponsors will receive advertising benefits and prospective access to 15,000 graduates. Advertising services are divided into creative and publishing categories. Creative services include all writing and artwork and are billed hourly. Publishing services are billed either monthly or per guaranteed view.

Build a Web Site!

Build your own TCHS member site, complete with a personal newsletter and photo gallery. You'll use most of the tools we use to produce this magazine. No special technical skills are required; you got here, you can do it!

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Web Design: Comprehensive web site design services are also available from our hosts and designers. TCHS Alumni News Assn. receives a donation to its scholarship fund when business originates from our association, so be sure and say you're from Temple City.

Products and Services: Always say you saw it here when patronizing our sponsors.