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TCHS has approximately 30,000 alumni and many more friends and relatives living in the US and around the world. The proportion who are registered members of this website grows continously. In addition to the hundreds of alumni who visit weekly -- requesting thousands of page views, we are the only Temple City oriented news site on the 'net*. This is a great way to reach readers looking for services in the central San Gabriel Valley.

UPDATE 1/16/20 - The long count of page views is now 6,401,495. Seize the day!

UPDATE 7/21/08 - Our historic long count has now reached 3.3 million pages. Your business could be benefitting.

UPDATE: 12/29/08 - Last week we served 65,694 page views, a relatively light week. Total page views now exceeds 1.2 million. Are you reaching this long-term market?

Here are some examples of how your business or organization could use your announcement:
  • RESTAURANTS: Publish your menu and/or specials
  • GROCERS: Publish weekly specials
  • AUTO DEALERS: Offer special programs for TCHS alumni
  • REALTORS: Link readers to your listings -- in TC or around the world
  • TRAVEL INDUSTRY: Alumni have to get to the reunion and stay somewhere
  • YOUR BUSINESS: You would know better than we.

Donations from advertisers are used to support alumni programs including this publication. Net proceeds are contributed to TCHS Alumni News scholarship programs.

For all advertising services call Clark Internet Publishing at (206)577-0550 9-5 M-F. In many cases the advertising staff can create your ad while you wait.

Products and Rates

Item Term Price
Commercial directory listing
Includes directory listing, automatic (robot) search engine indexing, do-it-yourself content editing.
year 89.00
Commercial directory listing with display page
Includes directory listing, automatic (robot) search engine indexing (your page is indexed by such sites as Google, Altavista...), do-it-yourself content editing, plus one descriptive page with your text and optional graphic. You will supply original source materials, e.g., printed flyer or newspaper ad, business card and optional photo or graphic. Includes basic creative services for conversion of source materials to WWW format.
year 159.00
Commercial directory listing DIY*
Includes directory listing, automatic (robot) search engine indexing, do-it-yourself content editing. Create your own entry using our simple forms for activation by the editor.
year 19.00
Banner ad, guaranteed results
WHAT: Includes directory listing, automatic (robot) search engine indexing, do-it-yourself content editing, descriptive page with optional graphic.
HOW: You deposit a prepayment of $100 or more that prepays a given number of clicks linking to your site and a small monthly service charge of only $10; your ad runs until the deposit is exhausted. Supply your own banner and text to our specification or let us make a banner and page for you (creative fee applies if we do it). Replace content at any time. Min. deposit $100.
per click 0.05

Sponsorship of feature pages (e.g., calendar) is available at a small premium. Ask your representative for details.

Websites and Creative Services
Our web host, Clark Internet, offers a discount on all website services AND contributes what would normally be a sales commission to TCHS Alumni Assn.
If needed, copy writing, banner ads, display graphics... (E.g., typical banner ad, $50; typical display page with graphic, directory listing and companion banner $100). Hourly rate varies with type of task; ask for an estimate. Ongoing publishing separately priced. We recommend a minimum of four hours development for web site clients to help them get started quickly.


Ads must be family-friendly and non-discriminatory. We do not permit ad hominem attacks or ads promoting hatred against groups. If such content is posted to any public, interactive, advertising feature of the magazine it may be removed in the sole discretion of the editor.

Payment for subscribed advertising is due in advance of the period of service. All recurrent payments must be made by credit card. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate service for nonpayment without notice.

Certain authorized resellers may offer advertising in TCHS Alumni News. Such persons may properly offer creative services with respect to the content of the advertisement in addition to the publishing rates above, in lieu of services provided by the editors. Become a reseller.

A portion of net revenue from advertising after expenses of the website and associated programs is shared with other alumni and school organizations.


* Uniqueness of TC news site based on Google search on "temple city news" January 4, 2003.

*DIY=do-it-yourself. All prices in US dollars. Storage and traffic surcharges may apply. All periodic payments are billed electronically to a credit/debit card.