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IF YOU DO NOT KNOW YOUR LOGIN NAME OR REGISTERED EMAIL, choose your class year in the adjacent popup menu. The system will display a list of your registered classmates. If your name appears, do not register; instead follow the Update procedure.
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ELIGIBILITY: All alumni and current seniors are invited to register and optionally to subscribe for additional services. Your inexpensive subscription helps us maintain TCHS Alumni News for future generations.

Please also see the Partial Registrations section below. (If you see duplicate registrations, you may feel free to tease your classmate mercilessly until he/she contacts us to remove the duplicate.)

To make changes to your existing registration, follow the Update Contacts link in the Contents.


After verifying that you are not already registered, click here to register. It takes only a few moments and it is FREE.

Registration will create a member record and add you to your class roster. Each time you return, go to the Roster and sign in, as some features are hidden from non-registrants.

Partial Registrations

Registered alumni have a little envelope next to their names in class lists, indicating that we have a current email address. A red envelope indicates contact data are missing. If you do not have a standard envelope, then
  1. we have been unable to contact you at that address, or
  2. your name has been included in a class list provided by a reunion organizer, but no email address was included.
If (1) then just follow the Sign In link in the Roster and follow the Lost Password procedure. If (2) then please write to the editor for instructions on how to "claim" your registration.


Although registration is free it does not help us pay the costs of the site. Subscription to TCHS Alumni News is easy, and at $12 per year it's a bargain. You get a mailbox at plus some goodies listed on the Membership pages, and you may participate in more features of the site. We use revenue to pay the expenses of the web site and incidental costs.

Why Register?

You can support our efforts in several ways. The most important is to become known to the community. Please take a few minutes to register.

Do it now! Your data will be transmitted to the system and added to the directory, and the editor will be notified. Easy. No excuses. We repeat: Do it now!

Privacy! Here's how we'll use your information: Only your name and class year will appear in the Directory listing. Your contact data will be confidential; we may use it to contact you about reunions and other alumni association business. It will NOT be distributed to third parties, nor will you receive "spam" from advertisers.

Summary of Terms of Use

By registering, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the directory, which are mostly about respecting the family-friendly purpose of the site. (Not to worry; you're among friends.)


1. "Alumni" sites
Yes, we know about the many commercial "alumni" sites out there. Guess what: They're advertising conduits in very thin disguises. Register at most of them and your email address is instantly sold to spammers. Of course, some do have maudlin ads about lost teen loves and even an equally maudlin TV show. We don't have those, but we do share your feelings about our mutual past. Thanks for your participation and interest. -Ed.
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