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Officers and Directors
The organization is administered by a group of officers and managed by a board of directors, which also approves publishing and site-related policies, including privacy.

Board of Directors

President, A. Rees Clark, Ph.D., class of 1960
Dr. Clark is a senior consultant at Clark Internet, a web design and content management firm in Washington State. He previously worked as a city planner, college professor, computer systems manager and independent business operator during a 50+ year career. He resides in Mill Creek, WA.
Vice-president, Jane McNeil Wimmer, class of 1960
Ms. Wimmer is a technical writer and analyst. She resides in Staunton, VA.
Secretary/Treasurer, Janell Marr Gregson, class of 1960
Ms. Gregson is retired from Boeing Corp., where she was a personnel administrator. She has managed regional arrangements for international student programs. She resides in Bothell, WA.
Director, George A. Domogalla, class of 1961
Mr. Domogalla is retired from the California Youth Authority, where he was a teacher and counselor for over twenty years. He operates a landscaping service. He resides in Riverside, CA.
Director, Janet Peckham Pearson, class of 1960
Ms. Pearson is a retired teacher at San Marino High School (we assume that she could not help this; perhaps she was being blackmailed; we forgive her). She resides in San Marino, CA.

Contacts for directors appear in the alumni directory under their respective names and/or class years.

Service Providers

Alumni Management Services
Web services and content database management for TCHS Alumni News are managed by Alumni Management Services under a multi-year agreement. These activities are overseen by the Publications Committee.
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