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Here are a few TC- and TCHS-oriented sites. Some may be behind passwords. Notice of defunct links will be appreciated.

Officialdom Speaketh

Ye olde TCHS Web Site
Direct from an undisclosed location in or near the TC Unified School District (TCUSD), this site portrays TCHS still firmly planted on Lemon Avenue, looking forward to the 20th century with pride... (Say what, say where? Each new year or change of personnel seems to bring a different TCHS official site. We've given up trying to monitor restarts and URL changes; updates are appreciated. Please advise when the district shifts to yet another domain and/or server.)
TCHS Rampage
Tune in on the lastest campus news. Rampage is now over 60 years old, first in print and now on line.
TCHS @ Wikipedia
Snapshot of TCHS today - including, we note with dismay, the lyrics of the TCHS anthem. (Apologies to Ben G., but really...)
Sister Cities
Hawkesbury Shire, Australia;
Magdelena, Mexico.
(Experiences? Web addresses? We welcome blog posts; contact the editor.)

This would be a good day to drive over to Lemon Ave., wave your phone under some administrator's nose and tell him/her that the Alumni Assn. is alive and well and a whole lot more useful than the perpetually empty, so-called Alumni page on the TC District website. We could easily give the school news, calendar and blogging privileges on this site; we've suggested many times they use this as an activity for journalism students to no avail. Sigh. So there! and harrumph!

Can you say 'TCHS'?

Would you believe...

Tuscaloosa County HS (AL), Tuba City HS (AZ), Trego Community HS, Tippecanoe County Humane Society, Timothy Christian HS (IL), Trigg County HS (SC), Teurlings Catholic HS (LA), Tyler County HS (WV), Towns County HS (GA), Trenton Central HS (NJ), Tates Creek HS (KY), The Colony HS (TX), Texas City HS (TX),

and there may be others.


February 2007: Temescal Canyon HS (CA), Timber Creek HS (FL), Timber Creek Regional HS (NJ), Tampa Catholic HS (FL), Taylor County HS (KY), Tift County HS (GA),

and maybe more. Let us know if we've omitted your school.


TC-oriented Social Networking Groups

Here is a list of TCHS/TC-oriented groups at Facebook, Myspace, etc. We cannot monitor to assure continued activity; updates are appreciated. Are there more? If we have omitted your group, send its name and URL to the editor.

We are happy to have you register here at TCHS Alumni News as well as on the soc-net groups. You are invited to register in the alumni assn. if you are a member of the current senior class or an alumnus. Our services to alumni include maintenance of a permanent list, easy communication (as long as you maintain your confidential contact data) and more online toys as we grow. TCHS Alumni News and the association are not official functions of Temple City High School or of the Temple City Unified School District.

FACEBOOK (unofficial):
Our Own Humble Page
You know you're from old school TC....

TWITTER (unofficial by search):
Unofficial alumni feed Occasionally a good read; occasionally some funny feeds when Tw selects "temple" or "city" as keywords.

MYSPACE: All the Myspace pages to which we formerly had links have been placed behind a login requirement, so we cannot review their contents. With regret we have removed the links.

OTHER/INDEPENDENT: All the links we have received have faded to black. Suggestions are welcome.

Notice: Some of the social sites we have found are, for want of a better description, "very high school" in nature. Some are private groups, meaning you must do a dance of some kind to enter. Some are a "group" of one or two people. We have abbreviated some of the group names in the interest of preserving the tips of our fingers. Notice of expired, defunct links or groups is appreciated, along with notice of any we've missed.


If you have URLs please send them to the editor. Local businesses and organizations may list themselves in the Directory in recognition of a small donation.