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In which the author presents an analysis
of the economics of printing in the decade.

Item ID: 1924

Students: Be prepared to answer the questions at the end of the chapter.

Hypothesis: The cost of paper and ink fell rapidly throughout the 1950s.

Evidence: In 1957 student portraits into large herds for their photos.

By 1958, individual portraits were used, though some questioned expending scarce resources on images of dubious beauty or value.

In 1959 the size of portraits increased, beginning a trend that by 1960 was truly out of control, as printers seem to have competed to produce ever larger portraits.

Conclusion: Our hypothesis that the cost of paper and ink fell rapidly in the 1950s has failed to be disproven, so the hypothesis must be true.

Questions for class discussion: Is the author's analysis sound, or is he full of paper and ink? Can you suggest an alternate hypothesis? Aren't you glad you did this instead of watching another Laverne and Shirley rerun?


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