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Report News

Married? Graduated? Baby? Promoted? Event?

Post an Update: Quick & easy. Sign in, go to your profile, and tell the world in 250 characters. Recent updates may be echoed in news features.

More Details: If you have news of alumni or an alumni event, we will post it for you. Use the To The Editor form; be sure to check the item that indicates you want the information published.

You can also add events directly to the Calendar. Just follow the link at the right of any calendar page. Be sure to add preparatory events and meetings, too, if they are open. Events are subject to review by the editor. We may ask a small donation for support of paid events.

Be a Class Coordinator

Each class can have a class coordinator. Class coordinators may post news directly to the News Views after a simple training session of a few minutes. Typical commitment only one hour per month.

Interested? Write To The Editor and volunteer!
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