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The Ramble
With its May 30 episode The Ramble has ceased publication for spring 2017. Notice of resumption will be appreciated.

You may or may not need to click to start the video. Some platforms/browsers require special configuration for Flash movies. Check your settings if video does not play. (Before you complain, remember some older alumni once had to get up and walk across the room to tune the TV, and some actually predate TV, so please don't chastise us for lack of automatic browser sensing.)

About The Ramble

This student-produced news and event summary is produced weekly during the school year. Congratulations to TCHS, reporters and others, advisor Mike Kidd and the team for this innovative and entertaining feature; I can imagine the jaws dropping had this been on our personal computers and mobile devices at TCHS's founding in 1956. Oh, yeah, personal computers did not exist, along with color TV, astronauts, mobile phones, the Internet, and most of these kids' parents. RAMble on!

Member Comments

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 Rees Clark 1960
I'll start. I love The Ramble. It's informative enough to be useful, silly enough to remind us of our youth. I wish the technology had been around in the 1950s; I'd have been all over it. (This is just a prototype for the comment display; there will also be a simple input form.)
17 Dec 16 -
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17 Dec 16 -