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A Little Help from Your Friends
We want to make your experience here pleasant and useful. If you have a problem using the site, here are some suggestions.
  1. Be sure you are using a modern browser. The site uses up-to-date page layout tools that may not be available in older browsers. As of August 2006, we recommend Safari for Macintosh and Firefox for Windows. We do not support MSIE before version 10. It is a good idea in general to have multiple browsers available; no single browser supports all the available display attributes of the WWW.
  2. Be sure you have cookies and Javascript enabled. Cookies are used to maintain your login, and features that require login are not available if cookies are disabled. Javascript is used for checking data when you fill out forms and to display certain features, which may be unavailable if scripting is disabled.
  3. Use a unique email address to register. Each registration is uniquely linked to one email address. (If your relationship is teetering, sharing email will not help.)
  4. Be sure your contact data remain current. If you plan to change your email address, sign in and change your record BEFORE you abandon your old address. We only send official messages to your registered address, which is also used by the automated message tool linked to your listing. This greatly reduces the chance that spammers might capture addresses, as information associated with your listing is not displayed on the site (unless, of course, you type it into open text spaces you are able to edit).
If you are still having a problem, please write To The Editor. Describe the issue and give your full name, class year, login name and current or former email address. If you are requesting password or login assistance, please confirm the street address you believe is in your account. We will reply ASAP try to help you.

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