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Temple City (California) High School
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Where Are They Now?
TCHS Member Diaspora
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We have registered 2467 alumni.

We estimate there are between 18,000 and 24,000 living alumni (assuming 300 to 400 graduates per year X 60 years) and perhaps more. Interestingly, not even the school knows how many there really are.

You can help: Let your curiosity roam over the statistics! Please review the LOST (previously registered but without contact data) list and contact any of your friends you find there, asking them to update their contact data. Tell friends whose names you do not see about the site and ask them to register. Thanks!

The acorn doesn't fall far from the Oak Avenue it seems; a rough estimate of the TCHS diaspora follows.

The number of registered alumni living in:

Southern California counties 1128.
Temple City 179.
Arcadia 74.
San Gabriel 52.
Rosemead 6.
El Monte 3.
Living in US States & Canadian Provinces

Living Abroad

AU: 2; BR: 1; CN: 1; DE: 2; DK: 1; GB: 2; MX: 1; SA: 1; SE: 1; UK: 1

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