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  • A witty, good looking person like you needs a web site!
  • Why not develop it here among friends?
  • Why not? 

(Automated site setup is temporarily unavailable while we make it easier and faster. Click Here to inquire.)
Sample Site
Your site can have your own layout and color scheme plus content of your own creation. The demonstration is only the beginning.

Everyone Wins!

Students Win: Our web host will donate up to SIXTY DOLLARS to our scholarship fund each year while you develop and publish your web site with TCHS Alumni News. The fund's long-term goal is to assist all graduates and their families with funding for post-secondary education.

Alumni Win: More online content means more traffic on our site, better communication among alumni and the discovery of more lost friends.

You Win: Your membership is free in TCHS Alumni News Assn. while you're a web site subscriber. You save $12/year.

Still need persuasion? OK...

It's Easy!

  • No technical skills are required to build a comprehensive web site with all the tools we use at TCHS Alumni News.
  • Need more? Our web host can help you build a professional, custom site in just days. And we'll get an even larger donation based on your purchase.
  • Maintain content yourself, right from your desktop - no new hardware, software or "webmaster" is needed.
  • All sites produce an donation of at least five dollars per month to TCHS Alumni News Assn., which we use to offset the very real cost of this site. Any surplus goes to alumni projects.

It's Feature-rich

Your personal or family site contains
  • automated tools to produce dynamic, easily updated content like a newsletter, an image gallery (photo album), a calendar, a guestbook, contact data...
  • user-defined pages for less-frequently changing content
  • SPAM-FREE e-mail contact form
  • your choice of page layouts and color scheme
  • generous limits apply to the number of articles, pages, images, etc.
  • attach site to your own domain or use ours (
  • All sites include a listing in our directory plus search-engine placement tools to get you noticed!

It's Inexpensive

  • A comprehensive web site is yours for only $15/month billed to your credit card or ($159 per year prepaid).
  • TCHS Alumni News Assn. membership is included - a $12 saving.
  • Our web provider will donate at least $60 per year to TCHS Alumni Dollars for Scholars. Your donation may be tax deductible; consult your accountant.
  • Net price with scholarship donation is 45 percent off regular retail price of this service.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Notice: All services are subject to standard policies, terms and conditions, as amended, published on this site and at our suppliers' sites. You must be a member of TCHS Alumni News Assn. to qualify for this program (the good news is that membership -- a $19/year value -- is free to web site subscribers; prepaid membership dues will be rebated after three months prepaid use of web site or after annual subscription). Alumni sites may not be used for commercial purposes.

This is a summary. The full set of terms and conditions is part of the registration procedure. Sites are provided by Clark Internet Publishing in cooperation with TCHS Alumni News Assn.

  • The providers agree
    • to provide the online services known as Sitemaker* as demonstrated at on this and related sites during the term of service
    • that if we are unable to provide the service for any period of 72 hours or more we will credit your account for that period in excess of 72 hours applicable to the end of the then current term of service
  • You agree
    • to pay in advance for monthly or annually billed services and that we may interrupt service for nonpayment
    • to limit your online content to family-friendly material
    • to refrain from using a personal site for business purposes
    • that this service is susceptible to temporary interruption due to loss - whether to us or to our suppliers - of electrical power, telephone and/or Internet connectivity and other external causes, and that neither we nor our suppliers are responsible to you for such interruptions
    • that this service is not "mission critical" and that temporary unavailability is not in any way recompensable by us
    • that external linkage, including attaching a private domain name to your site, is a separate service
    • that individual sites may exhibit custom features that are not available in the automated system
    • that if your site exceeds 150 percent of the average bandwidth consumption for your class of service you may be subject to surcharges
    • that you have examined the service and understand its capabilities and limitations relative to other ways you could build a site
    • that this and the linked terms of conditions of ourselves and our suppliers constitute the entire service agreement between us in lieu of all other services, terms or conditions expressed or implied
    • that you'll respect this service in the same friendly way we've created it.
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