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Who Are/Were We? - Handley
Jeff Handley '67 writes... "A group including Mike Hayes '66 and Tom Weibel '67 tried to ID the people in this photo, and couldn't agree on anything. Is this Cloverly? Who are these kids?"

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reesclark60 - Dec 12, 2008, 9:55 AM
(Donning one's Sherlock Holmes hat, one observes...) This looks like a publicity photo. Clues: 1. Kiddies in background are probably the homies, while the older group on jungle gym is there to pose and smile. 2. Girls are all in matching culottes, cut well above the knee. Culottes were the fad in 1960s. 3. Boys' haircuts also look sixties-ish; long enough to annoy Dad but short enough to get past the hair police. 4. The rightmost girl in upper left group is holding a football as if to throw it (judging from her tentative posture probably the first she ever held). A possibility: In the early 1960s the County Rec Dept and the new City of TC hired recreation leaders who worked at the various elementary school playgrounds after school and summers. I was one of them 1961-3. We wore bright yellow shirts, and the (young ladies, girls, women..., depending on your women's lib proclivities) wore culottes. This group looks later from the hairstyles. Hmmm, Vic Kobett would know, and if you were a "playground kid" in those days you might remember. (Vic Kobett - link below - was the city's first recreation director. He joined the staff at incorporation and supervised the transition from county management. Nice guy. Received some recognition from the city and chamber of commerce a couple of years ago (on retirement?). [LINK]
mpeterson - Apr 3, 2009, 3:55 PM
It looks like a photo of Recreation leaders taken at Live Oak Park. The guy on the bottom right maybe Bob Oaks. I use to spend my summers at Cloverly School and Live Oak Park in the 60's. My brother Gary was a Rec Leader at Live oak Park and Emperor School in the 60's.
mabrams - Aug 30, 2010, 8:14 AM
Cloverly did not have a jungle gym of that sorts during the time this was taken

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