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Richard Veit (1966)
Registered May 2004
Interests, personal statement...
I am a novelist, announcer, and publicity agent. Married to Patti since 1977, we have two grown children. My two novels, HOME SWEET HOME FRONT and PARALLELOGRAPH, are both available from Amazon.
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Recent Updates

My second novel, PARALLELOGRAPH, is part historical literature, part romance, and part sci-fi adventure. It tells the story of how far a courageous young woman might go, against incredible odds, to save the life of someone she loves.
7399 8 Aug 2017
My novel, HOME SWEET HOME FRONT, is a nostalgic return to the vanished America of World War II, a coming-of-age story that follows teenager Wesley Brower on the fast track to manhood amidst the tragedies of global conflict.
996 17 Jan 2014 LINK

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