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The alumni magazine is your complete source for activities and events sponsored by and for TCHS alumni.
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Member Communication: It is our hope to improve continuously those features of the site that help members and classmates communicate both individually and as groups.

Scholarship Support: It is our hope that we might be able to build an endowment that would support scholarships for post-secondary education for both recent graduates, lifetime learners, and eventually the descendants of former alumni. Ideas for creating and funding such opportunities are earnestly sought and welcomed.


Revenue will come from Subscriptions, Fees and Advertising. Both annual and lifetime subscriptions will be offered, starting at a token $1 per month. Fees will be charged for reunion support and other labor intensive activities of the staff including development of group emails and other management services for special events. Advertising may be offered to businesses (a) in Temple City; (b) belonging to or employing enrolled alumni; (c) otherwise supporting the objectives of the association.

The association receives no support from any institution, including Temple City High School and the Temple City Unified School District.


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Long term expenses might include development of an endowment for the support of the site during editorial transitions and annual legal registrations.

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We do not send spam, and we wish others would follow the same policy. Unfortunately that is not the case.

We've been bothered since 2010 by someone who sends spurious member registrations to our server, apparently in an attempt to gain some sort of benefit we cannot fathom. No harm is done, and they do not get any benefit, but they keep doing it. Sometimes you'll see their phony names in the New Member list. We delete them as we spot them, but we cannot watch the site 24/7. Based on the spelling of the phony names, we infer the attacks are coming from Russia. The poor scoundrels are more to be pitied than scorned, as that is apparently their best shot at earning a living. (Russia is, of course, famous for inventing what others have already invented. A 1950s joke said that the most successful Russian inventor was Comrade Reguspatoff. Think about it.) So, Pоссийский Γовноед, иди в жопу! (If you understand Russian and are not among the culprits, our apologies. Superior culturally aware insults are invited.) -RC

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Rees Clark 1960 ( 10-Aug-2017 )
News has reached us of the passing of Linda Skelley Kerkow '61. No further information is available here at this time.

Richard Veit 1966 ( 8-Aug-2017 )
My second novel, PARALLELOGRAPH, is part historical literature, part romance, and part sci-fi adventure. It tells the story of how far a courageous young woman might go, against incredible odds, to save the life of someone she loves.

Christine (Mutter) Gill 1968 ( 24-Feb-2017 )
Class/1968 is having its 50th Reunion in Temecula on 9/26, 2018. More info: Chris Gill at 760– 703–9970 or on the Facebook group "Class of 1968 50th Reunion". Please get in touch and plan to attend.

Harmony Plantenga Brown 1997 ( 9-Feb-2017 )
Hi guys Class of 1997 reunion is September23, 2017 Time and place tba. I will keep you posted so check back soon.

Ron Moon 1964 ( 18-Dec-2016 )
Revised link to class of '64 website LINK

Orval Franklin Hart Jr. 1957 ( 12-Oct-2016 )
Still alive and kicking (well, maybe not so much kicking). :-)

Cherice Lopez 1996 ( 19-Sep-2016 )
Class of 1996 is having our 20th High School reunion, contact cherice.lopez1@gmail for more information. LINK

Virginia (Roberts) Barth 1970 ( 30-Aug-2016 )
Anyone around from the class of 1970?

Thomas Edward Parrington 1957 ( 26-Aug-2016 )
I have sad news about the death of my sister Marylynne Parrington who was a graduate of the class of 1963. She died in a small plane crash in Columbia, CA piloted by her son Dan Kruetzfeldt. His wife Kristin and Mary's husband Claude Chandler also.

Sherry McNulty 1962 ( 9-Aug-2016 )
Hello. Happy to be part of the alumni of Temple City High. Coming up on 55 years WOW. 🐏

Glenda JoAnn Bauer 1980 ( 4-May-2016 )
I glad to be a new member, I now live in Seaford, De, and lived in Montana for 16 years, I love Temple City, it is a small town favorite place of mine.

Michael Burns 1965 ( 8-Mar-2016 )
I retired 2-1/2 years ago, unexpectedly, do to a life threatening illness. Against medical advice I undertook natural methods of healing. No chemo, surgery or radiation. Nothing but herbs, juicing and money, and today 3 years out I'm healthy!

Tara (Coleman) Worthington 1966 ( 26-Dec-2015 )
Here is the Eventbrite link to the Temple City High School Class of '66 50th Reunion page. You can write your autobiography now and send! LINK

Jody (Greenberg) Kahra 1980 ( 8-Dec-2015 )
That would be the class of 1980, even though I am getting old so maybe it could be classic...lol

Anne (Collins) Walker 1956 ( 11-Nov-2015 )
I am donating a copy of REAGAN REMEMBERED to the TCHS library, as I am a contributor and also an alumni, TCHS Class of 1956.

Israel E Hernandez 1994 ( 28-Aug-2015 )
I live in Huntington Beach now.

Jane (McNeil) Wimmer 1960 ( 11-Jun-2015 )
Almost 3 years into retirement and enjoying life in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley away from the madness of the DC area.

Doug McBride 1968 ( 18-Apr-2015 )
Hello Classmates! If anyone has contact info on Bob Morrow, I would appreciate a heads up.

Gary Ranker 1960 ( 23-Feb-2015 )
Would love to catch up. I do travel 80% of time abroad for work and sometimes pleasure so email is best.

David Bilar 1981 ( 9-Feb-2015 )
OMG! I sooooooooooooo happpy!! THANKS REES!

Stephanie (Riffel) McGrew 1985 ( 30-Jan-2015 )
Not much, just checking things out.

Beverly (Johnson) Ashley 1958 ( 10-Jan-2015 )
Jeez, not too many people have signed up or signed in recently.

Kathy (Springer) Hendricks 1960 ( 5-Dec-2014 )
I'm deeply saddened by the passing of "Bunky". We had many happy times in the neighborhood and in brownie / girl scouts.

bill post 1965 ( 4-Oct-2014 )
retired ??

Penelope (Penny Weisz) Ford 1960 ( 31-Aug-2014 )
I have finally became aware of this web site.